Thursday, May 04, 2006

My Thoughts on Mizzowie Dodging the Bullet

1) I can only imagine the fate of an American convicted of the same crime in a Taliban court.

2) I am all about helping as many Isalami's achieve martyrdom as wants to. So, you say executing Missowee would just be giving him what he wants? Great. It'd be giving me what I want, too. Everybody goes home a winner.

3) Given the growing pervasiveness of conversions to Islam in prisons, one wonders if, instead of being some outcast or hated pariah this rabid shill won't just maybe enjoy a certain celebrity in prison. He could very well be ushered right to the top of the inmate heirarchy, and rather than suffer untold violations at the hands of Bubba and friends, as some have, uh, intimated, he would be protected by his muslim brethren. So instead of silently poisoning the soil in some potter's field, mildewed and forgotten, he'll be allowed to become some expatriate Imam who continues to espouse his Dogma of Hate to an ever-growing constituency.

Nice one guys. Silent martyrs we can handle. Live terrorists with book deals penning the Islamic version of Mein Kamp are guaranteed to cause problems.