Thursday, May 04, 2006

Boycott Cinco de Mayo!

I've got it! If Les Immigrantes want to show their economic power by walking away from their jobs, I think WE should show OUR economic power by walking away from their jobs, too!

For Cinco de Mayo, that much cherished 5th of May, instead of getting all rowdy at the local Mexicali eatery quaffing back icy cold cervezas...don't.

Our little illegal friends wanted to show how much money businesses who hire illegals would lose if they didn't show up to work. Let's show how much money businesses will lose if customers don't show up at business that hire illegals!

Cancel your lawn care for tomorrow. Give the nanny (another) day off without pay. Stay away in droves from Mexican restaraunts. Drink domestic beer or go to the local Irish pub for a Black-n-Tan. On potentially one of the biggest money making days of the year for a whole host of bars and upscale beaneries, leave every table empty. Let the salsa curdle and the chips grow stale.

And let's see who really has the more economic muscle here, shall we?

(On the other hand, Cinco de Mayo DOES celebrate the defeat of the French, and really, who wouldn't want to crack a cold one in commemoration of THAT?!)