Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Blogging light to nonexistent....

It twouldst behoove me, in this the hour of my virulent angst, to bequeath upon thy faithful eyes a treatise in the way of explanation vis-a-vis the recent lack of substantive additions to the aforementioned "blog."

In that, with respect to said postings, I am currently embarked upon a journey both perilious, and yet fulgent with the promise of grand adventure; namely, a "business" trip to "the States."

Verily, if I am to be truly and genuinely forthcoming with regards to matters of full disclosure, I am inclined, nay, honor-bound to also reveal my recent tremulous battlings against a scourge called by some with the seemingly innocuous appelative, "the common cold." I find little common about it, for my distaste and displeasure at its presence are UN-commonly vivid and enduring.

That said, and the colloquial "dirty laundry" having been aired before the assemblage of my readership, I fear that I cannot in good faith or conscience present any assurances of improved performance in this regard at any time in the near future.

Though I fear that in taking the time to "pen" such an exhaustive missive, I have, after a fashion, put to the lie my assertions of victimization at the hands of my frenetic schedule. Alas, it was indeed a costly burden, but I felt that the sacrifice needed to be bourn, as the needs of you, my dear readers, for some sort of explanative interlude far exceeded my own need for sleep or sustenance.

Now, as I quail in the throes of hunger and bleary sleeplessness, I must set aside pen and ink, as it were, to continue ever-onward in my quests to face the onerous burdens placed before me in the name of my own professional development.

Farewell, for now, good readers. I shall write again anon, the fates willing...