Sunday, May 14, 2006


As one pauses to ponder, the whats and wheretofors of life, it is by chance that on occasion one glimpses round the edges of one’s preconceptions the merest glimmerings of insight and the faintest hints of recognition of the much vaunted "higher truth." Peeking out 'neath the covers, a cautious, often frightened gaze meets mine. It fears my own reaction to its oft unwlecome message, and so with tremulous regard for my rage, hesitates to present its discourse of epiphanic wonder.

Needless to say, the human mind is seldom a fertile breeding ground for incautious and unrestrained cogitation. Safe and sane and all that. Go with what ya know.

And leave the fractured pieces of explosive cerebral exhumation discarded by the wayside. Safer that way, idnt it? Cain't 'ave the boat bein' rocked, what with the implications of bein' forced outside the carefully manicured and pruned boundaries of my understanding, what?

Don't question. Don't criticize. Don't presume to meander through random discourses of dangerous thought, navigated by the merest glimmerings of a "hunch" or feeling which might lead one, as though towards an errant lighthouse, upon the rocks of unconventional thinking.

Accept that which is taught, mind you, lest you run afoul of yer betters. 'eaven forbid you dare to look too closely at the institutionalized methodologies and carefully managed acceptabilities.

And yet, one cannot escape the undeniable attraction of the dangerous thought. The rapscallious and unmanaged ideas which haunt the fractious minds of those intellectual gatekeepers who by means of their own stern reproof seek to keep such wild notions as bay.

Dangerous thoughts. Like some alligator lazily navigating the tepid waters of socially acceptable thought. A rapacious beast, it prowls, seeking the unwary. It hungers for that mind so unsupervised that it lays open and vulnerable to the influences of a singularly insidious disease – free thought.

The creature smells its prey, lingers, considers, and then bites. With a gasp and cry, the mind awakens as sharp insights penetrate deep, strong convictions grab and shake and seek to drag you under, deep beneath the murk, turning you over and over and dragging you down until at last you must surrender and breathe your last…your last carefully considered breath.

You’ve become a victim. A victim of that savage beast we name – though only in hushed and uncomfortable whispers – "conviction."