Thursday, April 06, 2006

The Phone Books Are Here! The Phone Books Are Here!

Well, I can shelf the plans for writing the great American novel. I can cast aside my dreams of one day visiting the moon. Why, you may ask?

I've been "mentioned" in a Day-by-Day comic!!!

Fame, glory, fortune, fabulous's all mine. Okay, I'll settle for a few gazillion hits and a hot oil rub-down from Jen. I'm all a twitter that Chris used Jen in "my" strip. I'm sure he knows about the crazy thing I have for her.

Chris Muir is one of those people who makes it big, but still remains a cool, blue-jeans and sweatshirt wearin' kind of guy. I wish him the moon and stars with his strip. He's sharper than Doonesbury, funnier than Bloom County, with the heart of Calvin and Hobbes. If you haven't made him a daily read...GET ON IT!

And I guess if I'm going to be "noticed" by such august personages, I should probably keep doing this bloggy sort of thing. Ahhh....who needs sleep, right?

So a hearty welcome to Day-by-Day readers!! Keep up the good work!