Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Now if this don't just piss you off...

SANTA CRUZ Military recruiters, confronted by crowd, leave campus job fair

David Kliger, campus provost and executive vice chancellor, said the school was most concerned Tuesday about safety issues, but also wanted to preserve access to the recruiters for students who wanted to speak with them, while still allowing protesting students their right to free speech.

Protestors whom, it would appear, aren't all that concerned about the free speech of OTHERS.

Students Against War members said they were pleased that their counter-recruiting effort forced the military personnel off campus, at least for the time being.

"We're saying it's not OK to recruit on high school campuses, it's not OK to recruit on university campuses,'' Marla Zubel, a UC Santa Cruz senior and member of Students Against War, said. "In order to stop the war, you have to make it more difficult to wage war."

This is the level of education and insight of today's college edjumucaterated. To end the war, we don't lobby Congress, we don't camp out on the steps of the Capitol building, we don't work with NGOs to help alleviate conditions contributing to such conflicts.

We harass, intimidate, and assault a couple of military recruiters just trying to do their job. At a job fair.

NEWSFLASH DUMBASSES! People recruited in high school and college don't start wars...THEY FINISH THEM!!

Politicians start wars. You want to stop wars? Boycott the Young Republicans or whatever it is the Democrats do (Socialist Workers Party?).

Iggerant as all hell.