Thursday, April 06, 2006

Jesus was a criminal

A while back one I had the unfortunate “opportunity” to hang rain gutters for a living (yeah, it sucked*). Anyway, for a while I worked with a gentleman of Hispanic descent, by the name of Jesus (hay-zoos). Great guy, nice as could be. He always showed up for work on time, worked fast and hard – in other words, a real asset to the team.

Turns out, he was also a criminal.

Jesus always seemed to have a problem cashing his paychecks at the bank. They didn’t trust him, apparently. We all backed Jesus, figured that the tellers were a bunch of racists, and did what we could to help him.

Then one day, Jesus falls off a ladder on an icy deck, and get’s put out of work for a while. He puts in a workman’s comp claim, and sits it out for a week. Then two. Then one day, he disappears altogether.

Turns out, enough people started asking enough questions, and lo-and-behold, his social security number was bogus.

Hay-zoos was in the country illegally, with a fake social security card. Sure, he was working, paying taxes and such (to someone else’s credit, of course). But he was also essentially guilty of Identity theft. Also known as Fraud.

Jesus had entered the country illegally, got fraudulent papers, and could have run up all manner of credit card debts, etc, and just walked away. Which is what he did.

Hay-zoos. Great guy. Hard worker. Criminal.

If you’re black or white in this country, and you use fake info to get jobs, open accounts, get credit cards, and then one day just fade away…you go to jail.

But these days if you are Mexican and do all that…you get amnesty. If you get arrested, you don’t get deported. You get turned loose because we “just don’t have the resources” to pursue every deportation case on the books.

It’s not about whether or not these people are great people, hard workers, or contributing members of society. It’s about an entire culture breaking US law because they can.

And you think this isn’t a problem because…?

*This also puts to the lie the idea that there are crappy jobs with low pay that American’s just won’t do. If it comes down to not feeding your family or hanging rain gutters in the middle of winter…you hang rain gutters.