Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Immigration wrap-up

I hadn't planned to cover this topic so much, but the more I see in the press, the more concerned/disturbed I become. This will probably be my last post on the subject, because if you don't know the facts by now, nothing I can say will help. I would hope that the sheer magnitude and scale of the protests taking place around this country would reveal the magnitude and scale of the problem we face.

I can't help but draw a parallel between the student protests in France, and the "immigrant" protests in America. A special interest group can't get its way, and so takes to the streets to show solidarity and outrage.

What I don't get is how brazen you have to be to stand before a syndicated news camera and state -- as your face is plastered across TV screen nationwide -- "I am an illegal alien, and damn proud of it! PTBBBBBB!"

Have the illegal aliens in our country become so arrogant and dismissive with respect to Customs and Immigration laws that they no longer fear the force of law? Are they so disdainful of any attempt to remove them that they walk the streets openly declaring their true allegiances? Are they now so confident in achieving their goals that they dare fly the Mexican flag over that of the US? How do they stand up and say, "We are here illegally, and we demand our RIGHTS!"?

If we capitulate to the DEMANDS of these protesting illegals, we are no better than the French and Spanish succumbing to whatever group burns the most public and private property. Let me remind you that appeasement has NEVER WORKED. It didn't work with Hitler in WWII, it didn't work with the Russian's during the Cold War, it doesn't work with the Palestinians, and it didn't work in Fallujah. All appeasement does is embolden your enemies and allow them more time to prepare their acts against you.

It disturbs me how readily those who oppose capitulating to the vocal throng have been labeled "anti-immigration". That fatuous toad Sen. Kennedy stands in front of a crowd and says we need to show "solidarity" with our immigrant brethren. Moves to strengthen and reform our broken Visa and immigration systems are lambasted as racist and again, "anti-immigration."

This has moved beyond so-called immigrant rights. Hey folks, to have rights, you first have to immigrate. Not sneak across the border in the middle of the night; but I digress.

This situation has become a litmus test of our ability to remain a sovereign nation. In my mind, this has become the greatest single bellwether against which Pres. Bush will be measured in the coming months. Not the war on terror, not the economy or social security, but how he handles millions of people who enter our country illegally and then have the temerity, the gall, the gold-plated frickin' cojones to DEMAND naturalization, health benefits, free education...amnesty.

When I hear “DEMAND”, my first reaction is to ask..."OR WHAT?" This is a question our good president needs to ask as well; and not quail, hem, haw, and ultimately bow before their "demands" for fear of what they might do. He did not blanch when faced with the threat of terrorism on our soil. An unchecked flood of illegals across our borders may very well pose a greater threat to our country and our way of life than Islamic extremism ever has. My devout hope is that he will not fail to face this challenge with the same moral fortitude.

Folks, understand this. If you grant so-called "amnesty" to the millions of illegals in this country, if you completely abandon any pretense of controlling or regulating immigration, then KNOW that this will serve as the green light for millions more to follow. Millions of people with an understanding that the United States no longer has the ability or desire to preventing them for doing whatever they will.

At what point will these millions feel so confident, so assured of our inaction, that they will stand at the borders of Arizona, New Mexico, and California and claim them as their own? (I left Texas out for a very good reason...good luck with THAT one, guys!)

Our service members and our leaders swear an oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign AND DOMESTIC. Why, do you suppose, the oath includes that last "and domestic" part?

Because those that penned it understood that not all threats to our Country come from outside our borders.

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Favorite Quote So Far:
"There's a big difference between being illegal and being criminal."
- Cardinal Theodore McCarrick

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