Sunday, April 09, 2006

If it's illegal, it isn't immigration

Why do we even have immigration check points? What sort of exclusionary, elitist, domineering B.S. is that?! People should just be able to come and go as they please, right? We are all part of one, big, happy global village, RIGHT??

Newsflash: There are people in this world who are, how do I put this...."not nice."

There are people in this world who didn't learn good manners. Who don't wash their hands before dinner, or say please and thank you for everything.

There are people in this world who'd stick as soon stick a knife between your ribs as look at you.

Problem is, you can’t tell who these people are just by looking at them. So, we have to put systems in place to catch them when we can. We put these kinds of people in jail to, a) remove them from society in order to protect the innocent, and b) hopefully provide a deterrent from re-offending.

For those what wants to enter our fine country, we give them a “Visa.” A hall-pass, if you will. A temporary “try-it-and-see” kind of deal that lets them both check out our country…and lets our country check out them.

If, in the course of said traveler’s visit, he or she comports themselves admirably, abides by the rules, contributes and participates, he or she is invited back.

If, on the other hand, said traveler commits a felony while betwixt our great shores, said Visa is pulled and they are booted and invited to never come back again. Thus do we help ensure that those with a predilection for criminal behavior are either kept out or kicked out.

Crying and wailing about how UNFAAAAAAAIR it is to exclude "illegal aliens" from all the great bounty of this country requires one to conduct such mental gymnastics as to completely miss the word “illegal” directly preceding “aliens.” Conducting such grammatical legerdemain as repackaging these folks as “undocumented workers” or “pre-citizens” doesn’t really cut the mustard either.

I think the guest worker program is a great idea. Unfortunately, it will likely have the same fatal flaw as the already existing “work visa” program, i.e. – you will have to abide by US law while within the United States. Yeah, one step away from fascism, eh?

Those with no desire to abide by US law are not about to sign up for a guest worker pass; they want {{need}} to remain anonymous. Controlling and managing immigration will help reduce the influence of gangs, reduce the flow of drugs into this country, and thus from two directions reduce crime.

If you want to come here legally, you’ve shown a respect for the law. If you don’t…you haven’t. Plain and simple.

That is why a sound immigration management program is necessary and important. Those that oppose it clearly have another agenda at work. Bear that in mind.