Saturday, April 29, 2006

Drilling into your skull through the eye sockets, 24/7

Even more gut-clutchingly hilarious than the actual content of this blurb dealing with the frothy outrage of some press-corps geek not being able to watch Cartoon Network on AirForce One...

...are the haunted, desperate, and impassioned wailings of the oppressed Left, rising in one voice of sympathy and angst with the poor, blighted correspondent who was no doubt relegated to a seat without direct satellite feeds or heated, vibrating massage, and only domestic wines.
And maybe I should take a hint from the wingnut knuckle-draggers and get myself elsewhere, and watch from a safe distance while the American empire collapses into a morrass of ultra-right wing Christian, repug horror.
You know, every time I hear lefties scoff and guffaw at any suggestion that there is any sort of persecution or intolerance towards Christians in this country, I need only wander the comment sections of a few mainstream liberal blogs to validate my position.

And another calm, rational, well-thought out persective...

Back about the same time, I was apalled to go to a doctor's office in ROCKLAND COUNTY, NY, (still more blue country) where I was essentially FORCED to watch FOX NEWS while waiting to see the doctor.
Essentially forced, you hear me? FORCED! It was like being raped through my eyeballs! It was like Clockwork Orange, or something. Oh.The.HORROR!!

I have to admit, there are times when I find it hard to take Fox News too seriously, but come on people. They make it sound like the stuff is all piped right out of the press room of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy White House.

Is it just me, or is there a very real and growing perception among the pampered neo-socialist blue-staters that any exposure to a view, opinion, or perspective outside their carefully pruned and powdered worldview amounts to some sort of psychological abuse? Like being "forced" to watch FoxNews while standing in a grocery line is felt to be somehow equivalent to waiting in line for your portion of cold gruel, in the rain, ankle-deep in mud outside a barracks in Dachau?

Wipe your collective noses, you truculent little snots. You're an embarrassment to your species.

(h/t to Protein Wisdom)