Saturday, April 29, 2006

Drilling into your skull through the eye sockets, 24/7

Even more gut-clutchingly hilarious than the actual content of this blurb dealing with the frothy outrage of some press-corps geek not being able to watch Cartoon Network on AirForce One...

...are the haunted, desperate, and impassioned wailings of the oppressed Left, rising in one voice of sympathy and angst with the poor, blighted correspondent who was no doubt relegated to a seat without direct satellite feeds or heated, vibrating massage, and only domestic wines.
And maybe I should take a hint from the wingnut knuckle-draggers and get myself elsewhere, and watch from a safe distance while the American empire collapses into a morrass of ultra-right wing Christian, repug horror.
You know, every time I hear lefties scoff and guffaw at any suggestion that there is any sort of persecution or intolerance towards Christians in this country, I need only wander the comment sections of a few mainstream liberal blogs to validate my position.

And another calm, rational, well-thought out persective...

Back about the same time, I was apalled to go to a doctor's office in ROCKLAND COUNTY, NY, (still more blue country) where I was essentially FORCED to watch FOX NEWS while waiting to see the doctor.
Essentially forced, you hear me? FORCED! It was like being raped through my eyeballs! It was like Clockwork Orange, or something. Oh.The.HORROR!!

I have to admit, there are times when I find it hard to take Fox News too seriously, but come on people. They make it sound like the stuff is all piped right out of the press room of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy White House.

Is it just me, or is there a very real and growing perception among the pampered neo-socialist blue-staters that any exposure to a view, opinion, or perspective outside their carefully pruned and powdered worldview amounts to some sort of psychological abuse? Like being "forced" to watch FoxNews while standing in a grocery line is felt to be somehow equivalent to waiting in line for your portion of cold gruel, in the rain, ankle-deep in mud outside a barracks in Dachau?

Wipe your collective noses, you truculent little snots. You're an embarrassment to your species.

(h/t to Protein Wisdom)

As a general rule... should not mix two Dos Equis, a fair amount of mediocre cabernet sauvignon, and some frothy concoction purported to contain, among other things, pink grapefruit schnapps. mean, at I've heard.

(Oh. My. LORD.)

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

It must be true, I read it on the Internet.

As those in the know continue to blame global warming for Hurricane Katrina, calling it the "worst hurricane in 77 years," I'd just like to remind everyone that the only reason so many people died was that the levy broke.

If you've read some of the blogs from those that went through it, the actual hurricane blew over pretty quickly, very little damage, and people were like, "Oh, geez. Hurricane. Great. Where's my beer?"

It wasn't until the flooding from the breached levy hit that the problems started.

Hurricane Katrina, which tore onto the Louisiana and Mississippi coasts on August 29, was the deadliest Atlantic hurricane in 77 years and the costliest ever, with property damages estimated at $75 billion.
Merely because the damages occurred subsequent to Katrina, does NOT mean that they were a direct result of Katrina.

Unless, of course, it fits your socio-political agenda to say so.
This year, the weather service's Tropical Prediction Center expects more hurricanes than usual, but not as many as last year's record 14.
B...Bu...bu..but...I thought global warming was leading inexorably towards climatalogical catastrophe!! Shouldn't the number go up every year until we get "The Day After Tomorrow?!" Otherwise we might be forced to suggest that hurricane patterns are {{gasp}} cyclical, or even {{shocked dismay}} random and relatively unpredictable...


Disclaimer: This post is NOT about the relative merits of the views of the "bulk of the scientific community" (appropriately vague, yes?) with respect to global warming. It is about a clear effort to make a spurious correlation between coincidental data to support an agenda.

And come to think of it, how do your reconcile the , "One degree of temperature increase can cause significant changes, the thermometer is rising! Melting ice caps! Mass extinctions!! AAUUGGH....ggrrkkkkk.... aagnngnggg." {{thump}} (passes out completely...) with this whole robust evolutionary chain where species are "adapting" willy nilly to Mother Nature's changes, conforming to their environments, etc?

In fact, should we even be worried at all? According to a strict evolutionary model, those species who can't adapt or aren't suited to warmer temperatures and a higher concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere fit firmly into the "not of the fittest" category, and get weeded out via an inherently natural and long-standing process, right?

Monday, April 24, 2006

Free Speech For Me, But Not For Thee

There has been a lot of press lately about the group of concerned citizens radical Lefties who trashed an anti-abortion display consisting of a makeshift cemetary of crosses representing unborn children killed by abortion.

Apparently the use of crosses to shock and offend, forcing people to confront an uncomfortable issue was just too much for these "activists," and so they felt they had to take action.

Of course, we know that it was just an isolated incident, right?
April 18, 2003

Of course, this all got me to just who ELSE has ever used a makeshift cemetary of crosses to shock and offend, forcing people to confront an uncomfortable issue?

From "Casey's Peace Page"

From Crawford Update

A link from Michelle Malkin reminds us about the Left's outrage when their makeshift cemetary was "desecrated" by a "right-wing asshat."

Funny how what's okay for one, ain't okay for the other.

And for the Understatement Of The Year Award:

Sally Jacobsen, a professor in the literature and language department, will not return to the school, said James Votruba, the university president.

"I believe what she did was outside the scope of her employment," Votruba said Monday.

Ya think?!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Now if this don't just piss you off...

SANTA CRUZ Military recruiters, confronted by crowd, leave campus job fair

David Kliger, campus provost and executive vice chancellor, said the school was most concerned Tuesday about safety issues, but also wanted to preserve access to the recruiters for students who wanted to speak with them, while still allowing protesting students their right to free speech.

Protestors whom, it would appear, aren't all that concerned about the free speech of OTHERS.

Students Against War members said they were pleased that their counter-recruiting effort forced the military personnel off campus, at least for the time being.

"We're saying it's not OK to recruit on high school campuses, it's not OK to recruit on university campuses,'' Marla Zubel, a UC Santa Cruz senior and member of Students Against War, said. "In order to stop the war, you have to make it more difficult to wage war."

This is the level of education and insight of today's college edjumucaterated. To end the war, we don't lobby Congress, we don't camp out on the steps of the Capitol building, we don't work with NGOs to help alleviate conditions contributing to such conflicts.

We harass, intimidate, and assault a couple of military recruiters just trying to do their job. At a job fair.

NEWSFLASH DUMBASSES! People recruited in high school and college don't start wars...THEY FINISH THEM!!

Politicians start wars. You want to stop wars? Boycott the Young Republicans or whatever it is the Democrats do (Socialist Workers Party?).

Iggerant as all hell.

RAND Voices of Jihad Database

I had the below link sent to me today. Sounded interesting. Haven't had a chance to look through it yet, but it looks like an interesting resource to see/hear what the Jihadists think, from their own words.
This online database is a compilation of speeches, interviews, statements, and publications of jihadist leaders, foot soldiers, and sympathizers. Nearly all content is in English translation, and has been collected from publicly-accessible websites. Original links are provided, along with excerpts and full-text content when available.
It seems like a great idea. It makes it a lot harder to soft-pedal and downplay the rhetoric of the wack-jobs when it hasn't been filtered and edited via some media source. I'd be interested in hearing anyone's reaction who checks it out.

NOT to be confused with:
The Voice Of the Martyrs

My Interview with The Screaming Intruder

I was, like most of you I'm sure, deeply intrigued by what The Screaming Intruder had to say that the Secret Service were so anxious to keep under wraps that they sicked dogs and tazers on him Abu Ghraib-style. As luck would have it, The Intruder has graciously agreed to an interview. Let's find out what makes this man tick, shall we?

Me: Good Morning, Mr. Intruder. I'm sorry, that sounds so formal. Should I call you "Scream" or maybe "The Trude...?"


Me: Yes, yes. We're all quite impressed with the kind of intelligence that it takes to throw oneself over the fence at one of the most heavily guarded public buildings in America. But moving on. What exactly IS this intelligence, and where did you get it?


Me: Really? What kind of terrorism?


Me: ...

TSI: Well, okay, maybe it wasn't Chaucer. Might have been "Goodnight Moon." It's all there in my repressed memories...a few more sessions with my hypnotherapist and memory recall facilitator and I should have it all.

Me: Riiiiight. So, why tell the President? Why not just call Scully and Mulder at the FBI? {{snicker}}


Me: Yeah. did you come to know this highly sensitive information?


Me: ...

TSI: ...

Me: And I'm thinking maybe these aliens snuck into the country through, oh say, Mexico?


Me: Uh....

TSI: ZOLTON! HE'S THEIR LEADER! {{froth}} AND THE ZARGONS ARE IN ON IT TOO! {{gurgle}} AND THE CANADIANS! {{drooolll}} AND TOM DELAY! AND..{{twitch...twitch}}

ME: ...

TSI: ....


TSI: nnnngggggaaaaahhhh.....nnntt--t-t-ttt-gaaaaa...

Me: My, my. Tazers DO come in handy. Well, that's about all the time we have for today. Thanks for tuning in!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Immigration wrap-up

I hadn't planned to cover this topic so much, but the more I see in the press, the more concerned/disturbed I become. This will probably be my last post on the subject, because if you don't know the facts by now, nothing I can say will help. I would hope that the sheer magnitude and scale of the protests taking place around this country would reveal the magnitude and scale of the problem we face.

I can't help but draw a parallel between the student protests in France, and the "immigrant" protests in America. A special interest group can't get its way, and so takes to the streets to show solidarity and outrage.

What I don't get is how brazen you have to be to stand before a syndicated news camera and state -- as your face is plastered across TV screen nationwide -- "I am an illegal alien, and damn proud of it! PTBBBBBB!"

Have the illegal aliens in our country become so arrogant and dismissive with respect to Customs and Immigration laws that they no longer fear the force of law? Are they so disdainful of any attempt to remove them that they walk the streets openly declaring their true allegiances? Are they now so confident in achieving their goals that they dare fly the Mexican flag over that of the US? How do they stand up and say, "We are here illegally, and we demand our RIGHTS!"?

If we capitulate to the DEMANDS of these protesting illegals, we are no better than the French and Spanish succumbing to whatever group burns the most public and private property. Let me remind you that appeasement has NEVER WORKED. It didn't work with Hitler in WWII, it didn't work with the Russian's during the Cold War, it doesn't work with the Palestinians, and it didn't work in Fallujah. All appeasement does is embolden your enemies and allow them more time to prepare their acts against you.

It disturbs me how readily those who oppose capitulating to the vocal throng have been labeled "anti-immigration". That fatuous toad Sen. Kennedy stands in front of a crowd and says we need to show "solidarity" with our immigrant brethren. Moves to strengthen and reform our broken Visa and immigration systems are lambasted as racist and again, "anti-immigration."

This has moved beyond so-called immigrant rights. Hey folks, to have rights, you first have to immigrate. Not sneak across the border in the middle of the night; but I digress.

This situation has become a litmus test of our ability to remain a sovereign nation. In my mind, this has become the greatest single bellwether against which Pres. Bush will be measured in the coming months. Not the war on terror, not the economy or social security, but how he handles millions of people who enter our country illegally and then have the temerity, the gall, the gold-plated frickin' cojones to DEMAND naturalization, health benefits, free education...amnesty.

When I hear “DEMAND”, my first reaction is to ask..."OR WHAT?" This is a question our good president needs to ask as well; and not quail, hem, haw, and ultimately bow before their "demands" for fear of what they might do. He did not blanch when faced with the threat of terrorism on our soil. An unchecked flood of illegals across our borders may very well pose a greater threat to our country and our way of life than Islamic extremism ever has. My devout hope is that he will not fail to face this challenge with the same moral fortitude.

Folks, understand this. If you grant so-called "amnesty" to the millions of illegals in this country, if you completely abandon any pretense of controlling or regulating immigration, then KNOW that this will serve as the green light for millions more to follow. Millions of people with an understanding that the United States no longer has the ability or desire to preventing them for doing whatever they will.

At what point will these millions feel so confident, so assured of our inaction, that they will stand at the borders of Arizona, New Mexico, and California and claim them as their own? (I left Texas out for a very good reason...good luck with THAT one, guys!)

Our service members and our leaders swear an oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign AND DOMESTIC. Why, do you suppose, the oath includes that last "and domestic" part?

Because those that penned it understood that not all threats to our Country come from outside our borders.

Unabashedly Unhyphenated has more...

What Would Mexico Do with Protesting Illegals?

Favorite Quote So Far:
"There's a big difference between being illegal and being criminal."
- Cardinal Theodore McCarrick

Uh...gonna have to help me out on this one, Padre, 'cuz I'mmmm not seein' it.

And Now, for something COMPLETELY different...

The Sneeze shares with us the fruit Hellraiser eats...mutant, evil LEMONS from the portals of HELL!


(And what's better....IT'S FOR SALE!)

Monday, April 10, 2006

Hail Mexica!

Carin over at Is This Blog On? has a disturbing little limerick from the "Take America Back!" crowd down South. Scary stuff.

And then there's this article over at
More "Immigrants" Take to Streets to Protest Proposed Laws (scare quotes mine)

Mark Steyn has an awesome poke at the brokeness of our immigration system.
(h/t to Garfield Ridge)

For the last time, you only "immigrate" if you don't plan on going back. And if you don't plan on going back, you learn the language and become a citizen.

'Nuf said.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Just a thought....

So, if we are supposed to turn a blind eye to the flood of illegal aliens entering our country in order to ensure that our fruit is harvested and our vegetables picked (since "no one else will do it"), am I to understand it, then, that the assumption is that if these millions of people suddenly become American citizens, they would also then begin demanding Union wages with full medical?

Isn't it, then, in our best interests NOT to grant them amnesty, since once they become naturalized citizens,working in a car wash or as a landscaper's assistant will suddenly become too "beneath" them, like all the rest of us effete, pinky-lifting, tea-swilling Americans?

If it's illegal, it isn't immigration

Why do we even have immigration check points? What sort of exclusionary, elitist, domineering B.S. is that?! People should just be able to come and go as they please, right? We are all part of one, big, happy global village, RIGHT??

Newsflash: There are people in this world who are, how do I put this...."not nice."

There are people in this world who didn't learn good manners. Who don't wash their hands before dinner, or say please and thank you for everything.

There are people in this world who'd stick as soon stick a knife between your ribs as look at you.

Problem is, you can’t tell who these people are just by looking at them. So, we have to put systems in place to catch them when we can. We put these kinds of people in jail to, a) remove them from society in order to protect the innocent, and b) hopefully provide a deterrent from re-offending.

For those what wants to enter our fine country, we give them a “Visa.” A hall-pass, if you will. A temporary “try-it-and-see” kind of deal that lets them both check out our country…and lets our country check out them.

If, in the course of said traveler’s visit, he or she comports themselves admirably, abides by the rules, contributes and participates, he or she is invited back.

If, on the other hand, said traveler commits a felony while betwixt our great shores, said Visa is pulled and they are booted and invited to never come back again. Thus do we help ensure that those with a predilection for criminal behavior are either kept out or kicked out.

Crying and wailing about how UNFAAAAAAAIR it is to exclude "illegal aliens" from all the great bounty of this country requires one to conduct such mental gymnastics as to completely miss the word “illegal” directly preceding “aliens.” Conducting such grammatical legerdemain as repackaging these folks as “undocumented workers” or “pre-citizens” doesn’t really cut the mustard either.

I think the guest worker program is a great idea. Unfortunately, it will likely have the same fatal flaw as the already existing “work visa” program, i.e. – you will have to abide by US law while within the United States. Yeah, one step away from fascism, eh?

Those with no desire to abide by US law are not about to sign up for a guest worker pass; they want {{need}} to remain anonymous. Controlling and managing immigration will help reduce the influence of gangs, reduce the flow of drugs into this country, and thus from two directions reduce crime.

If you want to come here legally, you’ve shown a respect for the law. If you don’t…you haven’t. Plain and simple.

That is why a sound immigration management program is necessary and important. Those that oppose it clearly have another agenda at work. Bear that in mind.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Jesus was a criminal

A while back one I had the unfortunate “opportunity” to hang rain gutters for a living (yeah, it sucked*). Anyway, for a while I worked with a gentleman of Hispanic descent, by the name of Jesus (hay-zoos). Great guy, nice as could be. He always showed up for work on time, worked fast and hard – in other words, a real asset to the team.

Turns out, he was also a criminal.

Jesus always seemed to have a problem cashing his paychecks at the bank. They didn’t trust him, apparently. We all backed Jesus, figured that the tellers were a bunch of racists, and did what we could to help him.

Then one day, Jesus falls off a ladder on an icy deck, and get’s put out of work for a while. He puts in a workman’s comp claim, and sits it out for a week. Then two. Then one day, he disappears altogether.

Turns out, enough people started asking enough questions, and lo-and-behold, his social security number was bogus.

Hay-zoos was in the country illegally, with a fake social security card. Sure, he was working, paying taxes and such (to someone else’s credit, of course). But he was also essentially guilty of Identity theft. Also known as Fraud.

Jesus had entered the country illegally, got fraudulent papers, and could have run up all manner of credit card debts, etc, and just walked away. Which is what he did.

Hay-zoos. Great guy. Hard worker. Criminal.

If you’re black or white in this country, and you use fake info to get jobs, open accounts, get credit cards, and then one day just fade away…you go to jail.

But these days if you are Mexican and do all that…you get amnesty. If you get arrested, you don’t get deported. You get turned loose because we “just don’t have the resources” to pursue every deportation case on the books.

It’s not about whether or not these people are great people, hard workers, or contributing members of society. It’s about an entire culture breaking US law because they can.

And you think this isn’t a problem because…?

*This also puts to the lie the idea that there are crappy jobs with low pay that American’s just won’t do. If it comes down to not feeding your family or hanging rain gutters in the middle of winter…you hang rain gutters.

The Phone Books Are Here! The Phone Books Are Here!

Well, I can shelf the plans for writing the great American novel. I can cast aside my dreams of one day visiting the moon. Why, you may ask?

I've been "mentioned" in a Day-by-Day comic!!!

Fame, glory, fortune, fabulous's all mine. Okay, I'll settle for a few gazillion hits and a hot oil rub-down from Jen. I'm all a twitter that Chris used Jen in "my" strip. I'm sure he knows about the crazy thing I have for her.

Chris Muir is one of those people who makes it big, but still remains a cool, blue-jeans and sweatshirt wearin' kind of guy. I wish him the moon and stars with his strip. He's sharper than Doonesbury, funnier than Bloom County, with the heart of Calvin and Hobbes. If you haven't made him a daily read...GET ON IT!

And I guess if I'm going to be "noticed" by such august personages, I should probably keep doing this bloggy sort of thing. Ahhh....who needs sleep, right?

So a hearty welcome to Day-by-Day readers!! Keep up the good work!

Monday, April 03, 2006

A parting shot on "Anti-Immigration" legislation

Don't know if I'm going to be able to keep this blogging thing going with any regularity much longer. No, no hystrionics or flailing, arm-draped-across-forehead hyperbole. I've now got TWO jobs, a college-level seminar, and a type-A wife. Hard to add blogging on top of it all.

I had noble intentions of weighing in this utter ridiculousness of the whole immigration flap, complete with web links, sound files, and animated Power Point slides, but as there are many other bloggers out there already doing it for me, I will limit it to these few comments:

  1. The current legislation is not about halting immigration. It is about halting infiltration. You would think this would be glaringly self-evident, but the truth is seldom as appealing to rampant emotionalism as a carefully fostered lie.
  2. People seem to forget that, despite the best efforts of the progressives and globalists, we are still a sovereign nation, and as such, we have the right to say who can or cannot enter our country.
  3. No one is saying don't immigrate. They are saying DO immigrate. As in, enter the country legally, apply for citizenship, then live, work, play, pay, and die here like a proud US citizen.
  4. Sneaking across the border in the dead of night, making no attempt and having no desire to become a citizen, then getting all pissy because you can't have free medical care and in-state tuition is, to me, just a tad 'effin ignorant.
  5. Contrary to the current popular activist whimsy and the prevailing social meme, the above four comments do not constitute racism, but instead...wait for it...a pragmatic and one would think intuitive approach to managing immigration.
  6. A country which fails to limit unchecked immigration by those with no vested interest in its culture or way of life, will soon cease to be a country. Without a unifying culture and common set of principles, we become nothing more than a dumping ground for scavengers who take what they want and leave. We will be torn asunder from within by the kind of sectarian violence which weakened Rome to the point that the mighty empire fell prey to depredations of marauding bands, if only because the populace could not be roused to defend itself.
  7. If # 6 get's you all in a fluff, I should need only mention the word "AZTLAN" to shut you up.
  8. I must ask...if you are not a citizen, are you really an American?
  9. When you equate devout patriotism to jingoism and emergent fascism, your sense of cultural identity and national identity has already become dangerously blurred.

Well, that's my $1.05 worth. I'll be checking in from time to time, and dropping by some of the blogs on my list as time allows, but sadly, i must put this thing on the back burner for the foreseeable future.

God bless. Unless that offends you. In which case, I guess you're on your own.

Little Bit Tired, Little Bit Worn weighs in with more...

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Hitting Close to Home...?

Our neighbors to the Great White North seem to be experiencing the joys of appeasement second only to France and Spain...

No word on the guy's ethnicity...but these take's all kinds.

h/t to Small Dead Animals