Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Return to Zork...

I stumbled across this post from the Defective Yeti's "Favorite Posts" run down. I love the Defective Yeti like a red-headed adopted immigrant middle-child step-brother, and for those of us who remember the delightful frustrations of playing Zork, way back in the text-only days, this post really hits a funny bone.

Sadly, he had to trot out the same tired old lefty talking points to do it, but it's still pretty effin' funny.

I had to scratch my head at the "You are unable to fill Clinton's Shoes" line, but of course, we all know that Clinton was and is the friggin' shangrila, bag of chips, and all that to the Left. Teflon Bill. Greatest president evah, yada yada.

Anyway, go check it out, and of course, all the the drooling adulation in the comments with the general trend of, "Funny, but sad, because it's so true..."