Sunday, March 26, 2006

Just a few thoughts...

If you are offended that I believe something different than you, doesn't that make you intolerant?

Does your definition of freedom require that I worship the way you think I should?

Among the many freedoms and rights enumerated in the Constitution, nowhere do I see the right not to be made "uncomfortable" by another's viewpoints.

Does everyone understand that the white crayon is used to blend and soften other colors, not to color things white?

Isn't expecting someone to be a racist because of the color of their skin...racist?

Pop-Tarts are NOT, actually, part of this nutritious breakfast. Or ANY nutritious breakfast. Pop-Tarts are flat candy bars. Just so we're clear.

Is it wrong to walk into the Barber Shop on a US military base, and expect the barber to be able to understand enough english for me to explain how I want my hair cut?

In North Idaho, red stop lights are advisory in nature.

I'm fat, balding, and almost 40. Any suggestions on what to do for my mid-life crisis?