Friday, March 03, 2006

The Culture of Convenient Death

This case disgusts me on multiple levels.

Ohio High Court OKs 'Wrongful Birth' Suit
The case was the first time Ohio's justices had issued a definitive ruling on a claim of "wrongful birth." A handful of states allow such claims by parents seeking compensation for the financial burden of caring for a severely disabled child or the emotional trauma of watching a baby die shortly after birth.

What the..?

Grow the %#$$&% UP people. Life is hard, shit happens, and it's not always somebody's fault.
Doctors had no involvement in the actual defect, he said, and the law doesn't allow damages if the disabling condition existed from the point of conception.

At least the judge(s) saw the light of reason in this case. I must hesitantly agree that if a doctor made a "misdiagnosis" (in this case, that the child did not have the defect) then he should be held accountable.

HOWEVER, suing for pain and suffering because you were robbed of the chance to abort your child?! What if, based on a similar diagnosis, you aborted your child because a doctor said it would have a severe birth defect, but an autopsy showed the doctor was wrong?

Can you still sue? The abortion was your idea. You didn't want the burden of caring for a "defective" person, so you found a way not to. Who is more at fault for the "loss" of your child? The doctor who advised you, the doctor who conducted the abortion, or the "parent" who made the decision to abort the child?


Holland to allow ‘baby euthanasia’
Anti-euthanasia campaigners have been addressing hate mail to “Dr Death”, as they call him, ever since he admitted having personally overseen four “assisted neo-natal terminations”. He then began drawing up guidelines for doctors carrying out euthanasia on babies.

And yet you get laughed at for talking about the slippery slope of moral relativism.

I read one blog where having the option for an abortion was called "reproductive health."

We are circling the drain, people.


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