Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Just A Thought #236

What is the difference in the Taliban refusing to allow Christianity to be represented in the public arena, and the Frothing Left refusing to allow Christianity to be represent in the public arena?

The Taliban in Afghanistan destroyed sculptures and other art that didn't conform to their worldview.

The Frothing Left demands that the 10 Commandments, Nativity scenes and even now the Easter Bunny be banned from public display - because they don't conform to their worldview.

Seriously. Someone explain it to me in terms my simple mind can understand?

Corollary: Given the tenets of Biblical Christian faith, and given the trend of current social morality, Christianity should EXPECT to be at odds with what is coming to be accepted as "normal."

Either you are standing firm, or you are getting swept along.

Yeah, what HE said...

Capt. Dan Sukman posting on his FoxNews.com web-diary shares this nugget:
I will never, however, accept that 30 of 75 Iraqi police recruits being unable to read or write is the fault of any soldier. Everyone should be required to see the palaces that Saddam and his cronies lived in and THEN talk with the 30 recruits who could not read or write. Forget schools in Iraq; Saddam needed another palace made completely of marble and gold. Never tell me that soldiers helping Iraqis build a school is not a strategy for victory in this country. Thirty — these guys never had a chance.

Food for thought.

Return to Zork...

I stumbled across this post from the Defective Yeti's "Favorite Posts" run down. I love the Defective Yeti like a red-headed adopted immigrant middle-child step-brother, and for those of us who remember the delightful frustrations of playing Zork, way back in the text-only days, this post really hits a funny bone.

Sadly, he had to trot out the same tired old lefty talking points to do it, but it's still pretty effin' funny.

I had to scratch my head at the "You are unable to fill Clinton's Shoes" line, but of course, we all know that Clinton was and is the friggin' shangrila, bag of chips, and all that to the Left. Teflon Bill. Greatest president evah, yada yada.

Anyway, go check it out, and of course, all the the drooling adulation in the comments with the general trend of, "Funny, but sad, because it's so true..."

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Just a few thoughts...

If you are offended that I believe something different than you, doesn't that make you intolerant?

Does your definition of freedom require that I worship the way you think I should?

Among the many freedoms and rights enumerated in the Constitution, nowhere do I see the right not to be made "uncomfortable" by another's viewpoints.

Does everyone understand that the white crayon is used to blend and soften other colors, not to color things white?

Isn't expecting someone to be a racist because of the color of their skin...racist?

Pop-Tarts are NOT, actually, part of this nutritious breakfast. Or ANY nutritious breakfast. Pop-Tarts are flat candy bars. Just so we're clear.

Is it wrong to walk into the Barber Shop on a US military base, and expect the barber to be able to understand enough english for me to explain how I want my hair cut?

In North Idaho, red stop lights are advisory in nature.

I'm fat, balding, and almost 40. Any suggestions on what to do for my mid-life crisis?

Talk about Zero Tolerance!!

Australia bombs drug cargo ship
The ship came to a spectacular end on Thursday when two Royal Australian Air Force frontline F-111 jet bombers fired missiles into the vessel during target practice at a secret location offshore.
"It is appropriate that we publicly demonstrate our outrage at what has happened by sinking this ship," Downer said.
You GO, Aussies!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

This post...

had me ROTFLMAO!!!

Thanks to The Assimilated Negro

Except for you!

Didjya ever notice that there seems to be some fine print at the bottom of most signs that only certain people can read? These are the special people, the elite, those who are too busy or too important to be bothered with the kinds of restrictions and restraints which apply to the rest of us.

At least five times a day I walk past a door, propped open, with a sign clearing requesting, “Keep This Door Closed.” Apparently there is also a line underneath – one which I can’t see – which adds, “Except for you!” I pull the door shut behind me, only to pass it an hour later, wide open once again.

This secret invisible ink seems to be everywhere these days. We’ve all run across those with that special x-ray vision which enables them to see their special exemption at the bottom of all those signs (these people are also known as “Oblivions”). Signs such as:

Do Not Enter.” – except for you.

10 Items or Less” in the express lane – except for you.

One Per Customer” – except for you.

"No Parking" – except for you.

No Soliciting

No Trespassing

Please Take A Number

Please Turn Off Your Cell Phones

Thou Shalt Not...”

Did I miss any?

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Support your local Mayor!!

The Mayor of Mitchieville is all PMS'ing, whinging on about how his blog traffic sucks, so he's going to pack it in, throw in the towel, pull the plug, dump the load, vent the main reactor, etc.

His self-aggrandizing little temper tantrum is, as always, deeply amusing, but on the other hand, somewhat disturbing because it may be sincere. Sargon the Magnificent has clearly been spiking the Mayor's hefeweizen with some serious eye of newt, and I suspect that Fenris likely superglued his butt cheeks to the only working shitter in City Hall. Again. Cheeky little phallus that one.

So, that being said, head on over there and give him a hit off the old web-traffic crack pipe. Clearly, the Mayor is deeply troubled by the lack of personal validation, so go punch his ticket. Validate that emotional parking pass, baby. Run the hit counter up faster than my power meter when I hit the grow lights in the basement.

I suspect, however, that the truth be told, if one ducked under the large "CLOSED" sign chained across the front door of the Mitchieville City Hall and Community Center, and wandered ever so cautiously down the dimly lit and rubbish-strewn hallway, one might find the aforementioned public servant seated in a leather recliner in the newly renovated conference room in front of the wall-sized plasma screen, clad in nothing more than mismatched socks and a dirty jogbra, sucking down Crown Royal, eating stale saltines, and watching the third of six DVD's in the commemorative boxed set of the popular canadian sexumentary, "The Chronicles of Vagarnia."

But that's just me guessing.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

And it couldn't happen to a nicer guy...

Slobodan Milosevic found dead in cell
"It is not fair that the bastard died in a dream while others died in pain," said 43-year-old Belgrade resident Duska, who asked not to give her full name.
Truly loved and admired.

Milosevic defied international sanctions and Nato bombs over nearly a decade of strife in the former Yugoslavia and was unmoved by the accusations against him
It's certainly understandable why an American president would go after someone like Saddam Miloslevic. That whole "regime change" thing. A real rush to war.

One down, one to go.

French police storm Sorbonne to halt protest
French riot police used tear gas to break up a three-day sit-in at Paris's Sorbonne university on Saturday, stirring up memories of May 1968, as angry students warned of a mounting challenge to government labour reforms.
One must assume that the protestors weren't Muslim. Otherwise the police would have left them alone, no matter how much damage they caused.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Abortion showdown looms after S. Dakota ban

I can't help but ask...

In this quote:
State Democratic Rep. Pat Haley voted against the measure, saying that while he opposes abortion he could not vote for the bill because it contains an exception only for the life of a woman.
“Not allowing an exception for rape, incest and the health of the mother is a radical position,”
What exactly are we talking about when we describe allowing abortion for the "health of the mother," if we've just stated explicitly that an exception DOES exist to preserve the LIFE of the mother? Seriously. Can anyone shed any light on this strange distinction?

Also, can it truly be said that an exception does not exist for rape and incest if:

"It would make no exception for cases of rape or incest but such victims could get emergency contraception."
If you can get the "morning after" pill in such cases, aren't you covered?

And finallly, shouldn't it be abundantly clear that Planned Parenthood has a clear conflict of interest in this case? Abortion is their biggest money maker, perhaps arguably their primary reason for being in business. Yes, Planned Parenthood is a corporation, a business, not a government health care organization.

So, they can talk all they want about women's rights, but it's pretty clear that their opposition to this law is really about opposing the loss of their biggest their cash cow.

Monday, March 06, 2006

So apparently...

The will of Allah is to run people down with your car.

That Allah is one wacky dude.

Friday, March 03, 2006

The Culture of Convenient Death

This case disgusts me on multiple levels.

Ohio High Court OKs 'Wrongful Birth' Suit
The case was the first time Ohio's justices had issued a definitive ruling on a claim of "wrongful birth." A handful of states allow such claims by parents seeking compensation for the financial burden of caring for a severely disabled child or the emotional trauma of watching a baby die shortly after birth.

What the..?

Grow the %#$$&% UP people. Life is hard, shit happens, and it's not always somebody's fault.
Doctors had no involvement in the actual defect, he said, and the law doesn't allow damages if the disabling condition existed from the point of conception.

At least the judge(s) saw the light of reason in this case. I must hesitantly agree that if a doctor made a "misdiagnosis" (in this case, that the child did not have the defect) then he should be held accountable.

HOWEVER, suing for pain and suffering because you were robbed of the chance to abort your child?! What if, based on a similar diagnosis, you aborted your child because a doctor said it would have a severe birth defect, but an autopsy showed the doctor was wrong?

Can you still sue? The abortion was your idea. You didn't want the burden of caring for a "defective" person, so you found a way not to. Who is more at fault for the "loss" of your child? The doctor who advised you, the doctor who conducted the abortion, or the "parent" who made the decision to abort the child?


Holland to allow ‘baby euthanasia’
Anti-euthanasia campaigners have been addressing hate mail to “Dr Death”, as they call him, ever since he admitted having personally overseen four “assisted neo-natal terminations”. He then began drawing up guidelines for doctors carrying out euthanasia on babies.

And yet you get laughed at for talking about the slippery slope of moral relativism.

I read one blog where having the option for an abortion was called "reproductive health."

We are circling the drain, people.


Little Bit Tired has more from the Netherlands, with some great commentary. Check it out.