Thursday, February 23, 2006

Support Denmark, support freedom.

You may notice the new banner up in the header. Found that over at Memento Moron, who'm I'm sure stole it from somebody else first, but hey, that's the blogosphere for ya.

Now, before anyone says anything, it might be suggested that it's a tad incongruous to have a "No Tolerance for Intolerance" banner on my site when it has been suggested in rather extensive, caustic, and derogatory ways that I am an angry, intolerant tosser with deep-seated issues of homophobia and repressed longings for man-buggerage.

Let me say that I don't really see myself as intolerant of gays. I don't personally know any openly gay people. Being in the military, that's not really a prevelant demographic. To my knowledge, I've never been harmed, harassed, intimidated or in any other way put off by someone of the gay persuasion. Except for that dreary little Snotty Mcshot fellow, of course.

That said, if it twists yer knobs to fix yourself a same-meat sandwich, well hey, it takes all kinds to make a world. My position is simply this: Don't ask me to protect, preserve, or favor your lifestyle choices with special rights legislation or invasive curriculums in my child's third grade class. And please don't suggest that because I've got some real problems accepting men dressing up in womens' clothes or hosting bondage sex parties as "normal" that I'm a "hater." Or a repressed homosexual who is overcompensating. Sheesh.

Nor do I think of myself as a racist. I hold no collective grudges or gripes against blacks, whites, asian, indians, whatever. I DO, however, have a problem with idiots behaving like thugs, wilding through downtown streets like crazy people, regardless of their skin color.

And I believe wholeheartedly that Joe Citizen not only has the right, but is highly encouraged to defend himself against such threats.

I do not advocate violence against those with whom I do not agree. I in no way support, condone, or encourage random vigilantism.

I do, however, advocate preserving peace by creating an environment where it is untenable for "protestors" to smash store windows, drag innocent bystanders from their cars and beat them in the head with a brick, or burn down foreign embassies just because.

There is "tolerance," and then there's maintaining order. A frenzied mob of nutjobs who have completely lost their collective friggin' minds over a few cartoons do not deserve tolerance. Nor shall they receive any here.