Monday, February 13, 2006

Muslim blow-ups ...all the RAGE!!

Mark Steyn makes one of most darkly humurous play on words I've heard in a while in his latest missive, "Toon-deaf Europe is taking the wrong stand." Of course, this will likely put him next in line behind Salman Rushdie for a molotav enema.
From Europe's biggest-selling newspaper, the Sun: 'Furious Muslims have blasted adult shop [i.e., sex shop] Ann Summers for selling a blowup male doll called Mustafa Shag."

"Mustafa Shag." Must-have-a. Get it?! BWAHAHA!! Oh baby, bee-HAYVE!
Not literally "blasted" in the Danish Embassy sense,
Quite how Britain's Muslim Association found out about Mustafa Shag in order to be offended by him is not clear.
Kind like how I am deeply offended by all the scantily clad women in FHM every time I get my new issue in the mail.
It may be that there was some confusion: given that "blowup males" are one of Islam's leading exports, perhaps some believers went along expecting to find Ahmed and Walid modeling the new line of Semtex belts.
Oh! Ouch! OOOH! "blowup males" BWAHAHAHAA! I mean, of course, bwahaha in a you-sick-bastard kind of way. That shouldn't be funny.

But it is.

Of course, here's the kicker:
If I were a Muslim, I'd be "hurt" and "humiliated" that the revered prophet's name is given not to latex blowup males but to so many real blowup males: The leader of the 9/11 plotters? Mohammed Atta. The British Muslim who self-detonated in a Tel Aviv bar? Asif Mohammed Hanif. The gunman who shot up the El Al counter at LAX? Heshamed Mohamed Hedayet. The former U.S. Army sergeant who masterminded the slaughter at the embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania? Ali Mohamed. The murderer of Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh? Mohammed Bouyeri. The notorious Sydney gang rapist? Mohammed Skaf. The Washington sniper? John Allen Muhammed. If I were a Muslim, I would be deeply offended that the prophet's name is the preferred appellation of so many killers and suicide bombers on every corner of the earth.
To me, this shows more clearly than anything the cold, distant, and uncaring relationship that your average Muslim rabble rouser and/or Imam has with The Truth. In one breath they will condemn a cartoonist for portraying the prophet of Islam as a terrorist, and in the next, praise a martyred Muslim murderer for blowing himself and 30 others to smithereens in Allah/Mohammed's name. Yeah. That's rational.

And then there is The Kicker V2.0:
The European Union's Justice and Security Commissioner, Franco Frattini, said on Thursday that the EU would set up a "media code" to encourage "prudence" in the way they cover, ah, certain sensitive subjects. As Signor Frattini explained it to the Daily Telegraph, "The press will give the Muslim world the message: We are aware of the consequences of exercising the right of free expression. . . . We can and we are ready to self-regulate that right."
"Prudence"? "Self-regulate our free expression"? No, I'm afraid that's just giving the Muslim world the message: You've won, I surrender, please stop kicking me.
This kind of simpering, capitulationist drivel has the clarion ring of an abused wife who meekly defends her alcoholic husband by saying that she probably "had it coming. I made him mad, so I deserve it." Her co-dependent neediness and desire to avoid conflict lead her to suggest that "if I was just a better wife, he wouldn't have to hit me."

And so she stays with him, until one day, she "makes him mad" enough that he kills her.
The issue is not "freedom of speech" or "the responsibilities of the press" or "sensitivity to certain cultures." The issue, as it has been in all these loony tune controversies going back to the Salman Rushdie fatwa, is the point at which a free society musters the will to stand up to thugs.
When no one stands up to the playground bully, he keeps getting fat on other kids' lunch money.
I've met plenty of "moderate Muslims" in Jordan and Iraq and the Gulf states. But, as a reader wrote to me a year or two back, in Europe and North America they aren't so much "moderate Muslims" as quiescent Muslims. The few who do speak out wind up living in hiding or under 24-hour armed guard, like Dutch MP Ayaab Hirsi Ali.
Iraq is in many respects a very secularized culture. The majority of your populace are nominal Muslims with no particular affiliation or undue affection for any particluar sect or Imam. It's the fervently devout that end up as a pink mist. "Moderate Muslims" are the same as "cafeteria christians." They go along to get along, not taking a position on much of anything, willing to let other people fight over the nit-noids of theological underpinning in favor of preserving their own stability. It's when people start taking stands, and defending a certain viewpoint that temperatures start to rise.

In the moderate Christian worldview, if the pastor spins off on a theological tangent I don't like, I find a new bible study to attend, if I go at all. "Militant" Christianity most often takes the form of Fred PhelchPhelps-esqe protests at military funerals, or waving signs and bullhorns at a gay pride parade.

In the "moderate" Muslim worldview, if the Imam spins off on a theological tangent I don't like, I find a new mosque to attend, if I go at all. In the "militant" muslim worldview, if someone spouts "blashpemy" against Islam or the The Prophet...I torch his house, murder his family, and sow his fields with salt.

I know which afternoon potluck I'd rather attend.

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