Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Headlyin’ Newz

From Fox News:
California Execution Delayed Indefinitely
Most feel California unjustly accused.

Man Kills Roommate After Fight About Toilet Paper
Bush blamed.

City Hopes to Harness Power of Dog Poop
I always said San Francisco was full of sh…

Novel Program Treats Women Who Batter Men
Honors also give to those who use whipped cream, pudding, or olive oil to coat their men.

Scientists Rally in Support of Evolution
Evolution needs all the support it can get.

Pakistani Cartoon Protesters Chant Anti-American Slogans
Poorly drawn stick figures sport word balloons full of caustic rhetoric.

From CNN:
24 killed in Nigeria religious violence
Muslims=18, Christians=6

Supreme Court to weigh late-term abortions
No one sure why jurists performing such a grisly task.

Microsoft blunder leaks Vista information
And we’re just shocked, I tell you. Shocked.

Medicare to pay for variety of obesity surgeries
Welfare to continue to pay for lots of empty carbs and starches.

U.S. Outsources Homeland Security to North Korea
Fox seen as best choice for guarding hen-house.