Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Ya know what I think?

I think that:
  • ...we should be spending more money on free birth control and less on subsidized abortions.
  • ...repeat sex-offenders don't every really "get better." No matter how much well-intentioned counseling they receive.
  • ...If it's so important for people not to drink and drive, outlaw parking lots at bars. Put in bike racks instead.
  • ...OIF/OEF are slowly draining our military dry.
  • ....the Mexico wall is a helluvan idea. And Vincente Fox can just blow me.
  • ...I don't see a whole lot of difference between Mexican smugglers shooting at border patrol agends and Palestinian smugglers shooting at Israeli soldiers.
  • light of the clear threat and obvious economic impact of unchecked immigration across our souther border, and the fact that NOTHING substantive is being done about it, that there's something else going on here.
  • ...there's NO guarantee of privacy in the 4th Amendment to the Constitution. Zero. Zip. Nada. Nil.
  • ...North Idaho is just this side of heaven. But don't move there.
  • ...if I was rich, I'd probably be dead by now. Although, being poor at times hasn't helped me out a lot, either.
  • ...women were put on this earth to keep us men humble. And they're doing a damn fine job of it. Just ask my wife.
  •'s too short to drink cheap beer, or bad wine.
  • ...there are far more heroes in our military than on our sports team. If the military were smart, it would put out it's own trading cards. But most of the guys I know who might qualify, are too genuinely humble to think they rate. Which in my mind, makes them even more deserving.
  • ...I miss 80's hair and angora sweaters. And ankle boots. And cotton mini-skirts. And glam rock.
  • ...padded bras should be banned. I'm a firm believer in WYSIWYG when it comes to a woman's figure.