Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Richard Dawkins, man about town.

Apparently, if a scientist tries to support religion from a scientific point of view, he's being intellectually dishonest to downright fraudulent to willfully self-deluded.

But let a scientist criticize or condemn religon from a scientific viewpoint, then he's lauded as speaking the truth to power, pulling the dustcover off the religious agenda, etc.
Nope. No bias there. None at all.

The link is to a technorati search. Scroll down and read some of the fawning adulation for his comments, which I mention here, and which I found to be hateful, bile-spewing anti-religion and anti-Christian rhetoric.

And some people just refuse to see the flaming hypocrisy of it all.


RFBurn (?) over at "Little Bit Tired" adds a lot more detail and a good analysis, something I was frankly too disgusted to do anywhere near as dispassionately as he. Good job, RF.

Humanism is without a doubt the largest religion in the world, it always has been, it always will be.
I do not understand the fear these people have, the world is theirs, they control it.
Maybe it isn’t fear, maybe it is sheer hatred for what is good and right.
Sheer hatred of a God they want to wish away but that some part of them knows does in fact exist.