Monday, January 02, 2006

More Headlyin' Newz

From CNN:
Dad helped Florida teen get Iraq visa
Was already denied MasterCard due to poor credit rating.

Mexico: Walls won't stop migrants
US: Sniper rifles still viable alternative.

Russia to restore Europe's gas
Renewed popularity of borscht at eateries partly to blame.

Israel: Palestinian terrorist target hit in Gaza
Apparently, terrorists moved in as Israelis withdrew. Whodathunkit?

3 Katrina evacuees in Texas die in shooting
Bush Blamed.

Idaho, Montana to allow hunting gray wolves
GLSEN briefly up in arms after unfortunate typo in initial draft of agreement.

Investment bank takes global warming stand
Other displays at Enviro-Fair left untouched. No charges filed.

Europe slip-sliding around in sub-zero freeze
Global warming to blame.

Pack of angry Chihuahuas attacks police officer
Officer's taunting about Taco Bell ads reportedly led to vicious reprisals.

U.S. hospital in Germany site of sacrifice, care
Controversial Druid rituals condemned as "not helpful, at ALL."

Converts take on larger roles in militant Islam
Said to be preferable to being beheaded.