Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Last Creationism Post for A While

I think I've pretty much done the creationism/evolutionism topic to death. As a parting shot, though, just let me repost this reply to Joe from the comments section:

I don't expect religious studies or beliefs to provide the detailed explanations of "how." That IS up to science.

But as we delve more and more into the "how," the sense of an underlying system and a strangely synergistic fortuitousness about it all, it begins to suggest ever more strongly (at least to me) that there IS in fact a "why" lurking there underneath it all.

Religion/faith provides the "why," because that is a question which science alone will NEVER be able to answer. And it is a question (in my mind) that it is every bit as important to answer as the how.

Additionally, if you divorce science too completely from religion, and thus morality, you end up not just with ammoral science, but ultimately immoral science. Gene splicing to create designer babies, cloning, and others. Science can be and has been a great boon to mankind, but left unchecked by the restraining hand of a strong moral foundation, it can become the catalyst for great evil.