Monday, December 12, 2005

Really, it's for your own good. Everybody is doing it.

Hold off on that chip, says Thompson
According to Procter, only about 60 living persons in the U.S. have agreed to be chipped. In addition to the voluntary recipients, the company's implants were injected into the deceased victims of hurricane Katrina, and there are plans to chip mentally disabled patients at a residential center in Chattanooga. VeriChip has also had talks with the Pentagon about chipping military personnel, though Procter said that "no formal agreements have been reached."

Yearrgh! Yikes! Eeep!

Over my dead body.

This is about more than any religious end-times conspiracy theory. This is about anybody or entity knowing THAT much about where I go and what I do. Privacy becomes a thing of the past.

I have always said that they would start with Alzheimer's patients, then sexual predators, VIPs and kidnapping risks, military, and pretty soon, it will be for everyone, "for their own safety and convenience."

And then one day, it will be required to receive certain types of insurance or social services. Don't believe me?

Try and rent a hotel room and pay with cash, without showing a driver's license. Go ahead.