Thursday, December 15, 2005

On the Iraqi Elections

Mike the Marine hits center of mass with his breakdown of the overall success of the Iraqi elections, from a first hand perspective. Elections in which, I might add, the percentage of voter turnout was HIGHER THAN IN THE LAST U.S. ELECTION! He also gives a good poke in the eye of the MSM, which is always appreciated.
All across the nation, people are committed to this process. Now, I’m not blind. I can see a couple different reasons for people voting, and not all of them are positive. Some Iraqis want to install a hard-line Islamic theocracy in the model of Iran. Some Iraqis are voting simply because they figure if the process works, then the Americans will leave. But most, I think, are voting because they actually give a damn what happens to their country and want a safe environment for their families and children. They want a say in how things run. And even the folks who are only voting as a means to the end of gettin’ us gone…well, that’s fine by me.

Because, you see, they can hate us or they can love us. But as long as they respect us, and love their kids more than they hate us… hell, I’ll call that a win.

Preach it, Brutha Mike.