Monday, December 26, 2005

More Headlyin' Newz

From CNN:
Climate study predicts big thaw
Know by many traditionalists as "Spring"

'King Kong' nudges 'Narnia' at box office
Tired of waiting in line, Big ape cuts in front of smaller, punier Narnia.

Fitness industry aims for black audience
Authorities concerned about rise in race-based handgun violence at sports clubs.

Bush pardons moonshiners, bank robber
"Just some good ol' boys, never meanin' no harm."

German hostage told she was safe as a Muslim
Shockingly, Jihadists don't harm someone who shares their ideology

Top Taliban leader threatens suicide attacks
Many hope he'll lead by example.

European Union threatens Microsoft with fines
Microsoft's Response: "OOOooooh! Scaaaaaary!" Ptbbbbbbb!"

China making moves to stem the tide of AIDS
Considering legalizing gay marriage

In Iraq, these peacemakers shun guns
Jihadists excited about ready pool of potential hostages

‘Warrior Princess’ answers back
And I quote: "YeeeadeledalalalaaaaYEEEAAGH!" Gabrielle maintains silence.