Wednesday, December 28, 2005

How come this is Science...


SETI@home was launched in May 1999 to look for regular or strong signals from outer space. But the project, says director David Anderson, has run out of steam and needs to take a new direction.

"The science that SETI@home does is currently a dead end; it was meant to run for two years, it has now run for six. We are just rescanning the sky repeatedly and it's unlikely that we will find anything we haven't found before."

SETI@home may be switching off today, but it is not going away: it is simply joining forces with similar distributed-computing projects on topics from climate models to cures for diseases. The move should boost the number of users,
upping the computing power available to search for messages from alien life - BOINC"

...And Intelligent Design isn't? Spending six years scanning the skies for a peep for alien civilizations...and coming up with considered a scientific endeavor, but attempting to determine if life on earth occurred through intelligent intervention is sheer pseudo-science quackery?

Got it.


Some feller named XYBA has a great post on the subject. Which of course, neatly mirrors my own viewpoint, so naturally I linked him.