Thursday, December 01, 2005

Headlyin Newz Roundup

From Fox News:
Tests Show N.O. Levee Was Poorly Built
Found to be too susceptible to demolition charges

Conn. Students Get Fines for Cursing
Other voodoo rituals “still OK.”

Judge Bars Indiana Legislature from Christian Prayers
Worried that saying criminals “haven’t got a prayer” not taken literally enough.

Arkansas Scientists Make Fuel From Chicken Fat
KFC to offer free fill up with family-size bucket of Original Recipe®

From CNN:
Black woman may be appointed to Senate
Democrats plan to filibuster; woman is “not black enough.”

Shooting at Navy reserve base injures 3
Police not sure why they were firing at the Navy base.

Pair Of Teens On Trial For Racing Death
Grim Reaper escapes with pink slips, vows to race again.

South Africa's high court approves gay marriage
Latest step in Africa’s effort to halt the spread of AIDS.

From Yahoo:
Landmark Execution Set for Early Friday
Historic site hoping for last minute reprieve

Theologians to ask Pope to suspend limbo?
Popular party game viewed as “just too suggestive.”