Friday, November 18, 2005

Welcome to the Blogroll!

Discovered a cool blog, in the usual way (a link from a link from a link, yada yada), and felt morally obligated to add it to my prestigious and elitist list of blogs I feel are worthy of note.

Welcome then, Geosciblog. Which apparently stands for:
"GeologicalScienceBlog", subjects will include Geology, Climatology, Environmental Science, NASCAR, Beer, Property Rights, Politics from a Christian Conservative/Libertarian viewpoint, and random thoughts.

Joe sounds like one of those cool guys you can't dismiss as a creationist freak-a-zoid fundamentalist bible-thumping science-hater because, well, he's a freakin' science teacher. Makes him a tad harder to dismiss out of hand.

I like reading his stuff, and as a fellow fundie, I feel like we've known each other for years. Thought doubtless he's only vaguely aware I exist, in that kind of sixth sense sort of way when you realize that you've left your wallet in your other pants, as you're standing in front of the lunch counter waiting to order.

So anyway. Go on over and check it out. Go on. First left past the kitchen, and watch out for the cat box in front of the dishwasher.