Sunday, October 23, 2005

A Racist By Any Other Color....

Ace Of Spades has a great sledgehammer-to-the-windshield fisk of an ABC "Report" about those white supremacists who rioted in Toledo. Oh wait. It was the $#%*&@ BLACK protestors who were rioting. (Media Bias or gross incompetence? Yes.) Is this the same "racist" media that "only showed the black looters" after Hurricane Katrina?

Now, my question is this: Why do the Left, and specifically the Usual Suspects from the vocal black community get SOOO up in arms every time the racist white media "focuses" on "only" the black looters and rioters, like they did in New Orleans (riiiiight)…

…and yet time and again we see clear-cut video footage of....only black looters? Take this video for example. A riotous mass of, well, BLACK people caves in the front of a convenience store and wreaks havoc like a pack of Rottweilers on crystal meth. Now, please, someone explain to me how this is, uh, "lashing out against the oppression of white people," or perhaps "justified rage against institutions of white hegemony, manifested in understandable actions of frustration and racial angst?"

What this is, my liberal and racial apologist comrades, is thuggery. Thievery. Larceny. Felony destruction. Robbery. Criminal.

The Black Community's attempts to be viewed with any degree of compassion or intellectual equality on the national stage is certainly not in any measure enhanced by the repeated actions of select portions of its constituency wilding through middle-class businesses like a bunch of Somali thugs hyped up on kat, careening through neighborhood streets in the back of technicals.

Guys, my fellow Americans of color, a word of advice from whitey: If you want us to listen to you like rational human beings, STOP BURNING SHIT DOWN. Stop throwing off the oppressive yoke of civilization at every hint of social instability.

Back during the big Somalia Operation Restore Hope (you know, BlackHawk Down and all that), we joked that the Somalis tried civilization, and gave it up. Don’t be like them.

Call it what you will, but it is not racist to criticize people for their failures to behave like friggin’ civilized human beings, regardless of their skin color.

Here's a newsflash for the Rainbow Coalition: If you smash in MY storefront, you’ll get a 12-guage welcome. Not because I’m behaving like a racist, but because YOU are behaving like a raving lunatic.

And as for this headline, "'Exterminate white people' ripped as black hate speech," I can ask only this:
Why is it "black" hate speech, and not just "hate speech?" Are black and white hate speech somehow so different that they are in need of colorific appelatives to distinguish them from one another?