Sunday, September 25, 2005

Random Rant Day

It's Monday here in Oki, and I've been reading the continuing drivel about anti-war protests, watching in tense awe as another hurricane smashes like a size 10 1/2 Regualr into our crotch, and I find my mind filling up with questions, much like most of lower New Orleans is filling up with toxic runoff. So, today I dedicate my blogturf to asking all those "Why?" questions:
  • Why have the most vocal of the anti-war shills seems to have forgotten that there was a sweeping vote by both Houses of Congress (Democrats AND Republicans) to invade Iraq...not through some imperial decree by Bushitler?
  • Why do the rabid anti-war sign-wavers want to focus solely on the "nearly 2,000" American's killed, rather than look with an honest glance at the amazing liberty and hope that those lives bought for the Iraqi people?
  • Why are some people so quick to blame the Federal Government for failures in the face of Katrina, instead of taking a quick moment to consider what a friggin' Category 5 hurricane can do to stick-built houses built in a flood plain...and the commensurate difficulties in evacuating tens of thousands of people from a major metropolitan area when you can't use most of the roads...
  • Why are the same group of people who cry the loudest for tolerance and diversity when it comes to homosexuality, race, gender, or new-age karma-clutching faux religionists so quick to shake an angry fist and invoke the word "hate" when it comes to one Republican President?