Thursday, September 22, 2005


I wanted to link this great article on something called "Progressebonics". It's definitely worth a read. The author is a true visionary. I'd definitely read anything written by him. Pulitzer Prize winning stuff. Here's some examples:

"Killing Babies"
If you are a doctor = "Reproductive Rights"
If you are a soldier = "War criminal"

"Separation of Church and State"
Liberal = An absolute, incontrovertible mandate, contained in the Declaration of Indep…no, wait, article, uh, something or other of the Constitution. No, wait, I mean the Bill of Rights, I think.
Conservative = Not contained in any foundational document, save for a single reference in a personal letter of Thomas Jefferson, which in fact defends robust religious freedom and expression, even to the detriment of government influence.

I took the liberty of adding a few more of my own:

Progressive: Someone unwilling to be chained to lessons learned from 6,000 years of human history, relying instead on a much more enlightened approach to social activism, such as, “because that’s how I feel in my heart.”

Extremist: Someone just as far from center as you, but in the other direction.

States Rights: Freedom to allow the ACLU to determine public policy in schools and civil government.

Separation of Powers: The act of separating people from the power to be self-determinate.

Judicial Activism: Six men and women conscientiously correcting misapprehensions about the constitutionality and interpretation of laws written, reviewed and ratified by a collection of over 500 lawyers known as “Congress.” See also “separation of powers.”

Reactionary Fanatic: Someone who is committed to preserving things like religious liberty, private gun ownership, and traditional marriage.

Progressive Activist: Someone who is committed to opposing things like religious liberty, private gun ownership, and traditional marriage.

Suicide: Defending intelligent design at any major public university.

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