Thursday, September 15, 2005

Lite Bloggin'

I need to actually do some work today, so just a couple of thoughts:

It occured to me yesterday that the people in Iraq have to live with the equivalent of the Oklahoma City Bombing nearly every day. What does that do to a culture? And before you spout off about if it weren't for the US being there, there wouldn't BE any car bombings, just let me say, I agree. Brutal, oppressive dictatorships are very orderly and stable. And brutal and oppressive. You don't need car bombs when you can just load entire families into the back of a truck, and make them disappear that way. I'm so glad we could agree on this.

The Therapist has a hilarious post about an exchange between his child-like alter ego and Michael Nodoy, Pointy Head Pontificate and All-Around Card Carrying Sh*t Stain (PHPACCSS). And before you spout off about how Big Mikey is just sticking up for what he believes in, let me state for the slow of whit that Newdow's whole position is that he doesn't believe in anything. So shut up.

As you can probably tell, I'm a little cranky today.