Tuesday, September 13, 2005

How nice to see you, MISSSTER Annnndersonnn...

I've already posted way too much for one day, but I just had to get this off my chest:

Just caught our buddy Anderson Cooper, the white-haired wonder, on CNN. This was the quote (more or less):

"We've heard some reports, from people who were there, that they were stopped at the other side of the bridge by police and sheriff. There were reports that there were shots fired...that they fired over their heads. Some said that deputies were taking food and water from the evacuees."
...wait for it...

"We haven't been able to get any confirmation on this, but we'll let you know as things develop."

So, in other words, you despicable excuse for a so-called journalist, you just "reported" a caustic, wildly inflammatory, and yet self-admittedly a wholly unsubstantiated urban legend in the making allegation, live, on national $#%&*@# television?

I’m so stomping mad I can’t hardly see straight. Did we learn nothing from the whole "Koran in the toilet" thing?