Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Headline News: 9/21/05

Yes, folks, it's another serial plagiarism. The next installment of Headline News, the way they OUGHT to read:

From ABC News:
Lawmakers Weigh Endangered Species Changes
Data gathering difficult as some species will not sit still on scale.

From ABC News:
Roberts Picks Up Democratic Support
Ted Kennedy’s man-bra reportedly left on floor of Congressional locker room.

From ABC News:
Dutch Reporter to Use Heroin, Pot on TV
Coffee table too much of a mess.

From ABC News:
North Korea urged to keep atomic arms pledge
Atomic legs and torso still under negotiation.

Wine giant says critter labels not a passing fad
Getting them to stick to the fur seen as biggest hurdle.

From FoxNews:
Lawmakers Scuffle Over Katrina Oversight
Feinstein reportedly a real scrapper, Schumer “hits like a girl.”

From FoxNews:
Administration Urges Democracy in China
Several “strongly worded statements” planned.

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