Saturday, September 17, 2005

From the "Well Which IS It?!" Department

I haven't seen the stories, but I guess it's a slow news day, and so Pres. Bush's hastily scrawled note about needing a bathroom break is apparently all the rage. Give me a break. For years now we've heard about how Bush is some heartless automoton, barely human. And now that he, lo and behold, has to take a whiz just like the rest of us mere mortals, it's great fodder to take him down a notch. Sometimes I'm embarrased to claim membership in Club Homo Sapien.

And apparently, Ms. Sheehan is once again calling for the US to get its troops out of...New Orleans?! One minute the government didn't act fast enough, and the military was held back because it was "only black people" or whatever, and now they've been there too damn long and it's starting to look like martial law.

News flash - it IS martial law. It's a disaster area. You Nitwits.

I used to think that Sheehan was just some loudmouth shill for the left trying to capitalize on her "moral authority" to further an agenda. Now I'm pretty convinced, she really is, actually, no kidding, off her friggin' rocker. As in, mentally unbalanced and in need of managed care. Seriously.

I'm really trying to change my attitude and lighten up, but this kind of stuff just makes me want to smash things into little pieces.

Gooooz-fraaabaaaaa. Breathe innnnn.....breathe ouuuuut.