Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Food For Thought.

Hurricane Floyd, September, 1999.
Almost twice the size of typical Atlantic hurricanes, Floyd was some 580 miles (933 km) across and packed tropical storm-force winds (40 to 73 mph) or greater across that entire span.
In all, Floyd claimed 51 lives and left thousands homeless. Most deaths came after the heavy winds and rains subsided and residents ventured outside, unaware that the rivers and creeks were rising as fast as 6 to 8 inches per hour. Hydrologists labeled this a 500-year flood event, meaning that a flood this severe is likely to occur only once every 500 years; or that it has only a 0.2 percent chance of happening in any given year. Initially, assessment experts estimated damages statewide to be about $1.3 billion, but that number rose to about $6 billion in the following weeks as stunned officials fully grasped the extent of the disaster...
Clearly a result of Pres. Clinton's failed environmental policies.