Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Bush Betrays LA - Because of the blacks, maybe?

Patterico hits it over the fence with this one:

Bush Fails to Act in L.A. Power Outage
Bush’s failure to act was immediately denounced by the press and the Democrats in Congress. Sen. Feinstein noted that she has repeatedly requested hundreds of billions to upgrade the grips on the wire cutters used by DWP workers, to prevent them from inadvertently snipping power cables. However, her requests have consistently fallen on deaf ears, ever since President Bush appointed that deaf guy as his liaison to Feinstein’s office.

Me, I'm just surprised they are calling it a "blackout," because of, well, the clearly RACIST connotations of such a term. I heard a rumor that within 45 mintues, cannibalism had broken out amongst the traumatized inner city poor.

Or maybe that was just somebody yelling, "Bite Me!" to a passing motorist. It was hard to tell in all the confusion.

I remember the dark days when I was a youth. The power was out for 11 hours after a windstorm. We were forced to play Scrabble by lantern light, and eat smores cooked over the barbecuer. And tell ghost stories.

What a night of living hell, I'm here to tell ya.