Wednesday, September 14, 2005

ACLU & AL Zarqawi: Tell me how there's a difference...

ACLU threat nixes 23rd Psalm display
Tapestry with Bible passage hung in county courthouse

The Banner-Herald said there was no complaint about the tapestry until a reporter began asking about it Monday.
No one complained. No one hardly knew it was there. Yet still, it must be EXPUNGED!!!

ACLU-Georgia Legal Director Gerry Webber said he had never heard of a case challenging a display of a 23rd Psalm text, but said it's a "potential violation" of the Constitution.
A "potential" violation. As in maybe. So we take it down, just in case, to help prevent expensive litigation on the part of the Anti-Christ's Luciferian Utopia.

In the journalism world, we call this "Prior Restraint."
Souter said, "When the government acts with the ostensible and predominant purpose of advancing religion, it violates the central Establishment clause value of official religious neutrality."
I would propose, that the 1st Amendment protections are designed quite specifically and premeditatively to advance and promote religion in our society. Not "A" religion, but religion, as in the practice of, as in "the free exercise thereof." Understanding that a healthy and moral society has a strong foundation in a strict set of moral (religious) principles.

I still don't understand how "allow" or "permit" somehow equates to "endorse" or "establish." Under this mindset, the govenment is then endorsing, promoting, and establishing all manner of things, to include homosexuality, gaia-based environmentalism, liberalism, humanism and radical socialism. But got to protect people against the EEEEEvilz of religion.

I just don't see how a hand embroidered Bible verse hung on a wall equates to institutionalized persecution of Muslims and Buddhists. But then again, I'm not very Progressive.