Sunday, August 28, 2005

Shameless bit of self promotion

I've begun to consider the remote, yet tantalizing possibility that I might be taking myself just a tad too seriously.

In that respect, I want to post a link to my OTHER website, the one where all the rabid politic savaging takes a back seat to sheer buffoonery. Creative writing and other random strangeness. Wierd photos, silly links, funny comic strips. You know, all the stuff that normal bloggers do. Thusly, do I introduce:

Since I don't own a cat, I can't promise any cutesy cat pictures, but I'll do my best to look and sound like a 15 year old high school girl's blog. Even if I have to make up some stuff about that cute guy in my Health class who is simply to DIE for!

In that vein, I would like to start with this weeks installment of, "Gee, I Wish I looked Like This Guy," or otherwise know as, "Guys I'd Probably Like To Do If I Were Gay, Which I'm Not."