Thursday, August 18, 2005

Scabbing content is just sooo much easier...

A great article on (shockingly) the autonomy of the human spirit, and following your own personal calling despite what mom says or thinks.

Son of Liberty
A son’s calling and a mother’s heartache.
by Anne Morse at National Review

(Shamelessly stolen from Carin at "Is this blog on?")

Favorite snippet:
But if mothers really could pick their children's careers, what kind of a world would we have? We would wake up one morning to discover that we had no more soldiers, policemen or firemen, no freedom fighters, no prison guards or life guards. We would find ourselves in a world in which the strong preyed upon the weak, a world in which millions would be abandoned to the tender mercies of death squads and serial killers, to those who rape and torture, exploit and enslave. What a terrible world it would be.
Check out the whole thing.