Monday, August 29, 2005

My last post about the Cindy Sheehan kerfuffle...ever. Really.

I posted this is a comment over at Carin's blog, and thought, what they hey, I need to post it for real over here.

In response to this article, and this quote:
"The U.S. and Venezuelan Camp Casey leadership must have a detente on rhetoric. That exacerbates tensions," Jackson told the AP. "We need to have a cooling down of divisive rhetoric."
I have to ask, what in the sam hill is the difference, really, between what Sheehan is saying, and what Robertson said!?
"Bush is a murdering, terrorist thug!"
"Chavez is a murdering, terrorist thug!"
I guess I'm just not Progressive enough to see the distinction.

Jesse Jackson is always chomping at the bit to negotiate with terrorists, and according to St. Sheehan, Bush the terrorist is holding this country hostage, so why don't we send Jesse down to Crawford to see if he can negotiate a peaceful resolution to this "standoff?"

And while we're on the subject, if we can extradite Robertson for Communicating A Threat, what can we do to Sheehan for Libel, Sedition, and Tax Evasion? Why don't we throw in Misdemeanor Trespassing and Creating a Public Nuisance for good measure?

You know, ultimately my beef isn't with Sheehan, it's with the double standard. Robertson is a glory seeking freak show who needs to disappear from the public scene. And if I say that about him, I'm hailed as an enlightened visionary who speaks the truth to power.

Yet, if I say the same thing about Sheehan, I'm labeled a cruel, insensitive asshole who wants to censure her right to free speech.

Guess I just can't quite get my brain around that is all.