Thursday, August 25, 2005

Michael Yon - Must Read

Being a jarhead, I tend to give my Army brothers a lot a guff, because, well, they're the Army. And also, it's easy sometimes to think that the Marines are getting all the "tough" jobs, because you always seem to hear more about their casualties and actions. Dunno why.

But reading this Excerpt from Michael yon about Deuce-Four, I can only say, well, DAMN boys. Get some! It almost looks like the Army is holding up its end.

And, of course, Michael does a great job of stating an immutable truth too often lost on the panty-waisted liberal capitulationist contingent:
Iraqi Army and Police officers see many Americans as too soft, especially when it comes to dealing with terrorists. The Iraqis who seethe over the shooting of Kurilla know that the cunning fury of Jihadists is congenite. Three months of air-conditioned reflection will not transform terrorists into citizens.
Welcome to the blogroll, Mike. Preach on, brutha.