Thursday, August 25, 2005

From the, "Well No Shit, Sherlock" Department

Terror rockets fly from Gaza
Qassam hits Negev city of Sderot while Israel preps final withdrawal

Is this really any surprise to anyone?

Today's rocket attack coincides with a recent Hamas announcement the terror group will begin the next phase of its war to destroy the Jewish state by launching Qassam rockets further inside Israel instead of focusing on suicide bombings.
Hmm. You mean that that Hamas wasn't placated by Israel's capitulation? You mean they were only heartened and emboldened by this victorious validation of their methods?

Israeli security sources say Hamas has been using time gained from a cease-fire agreement signed in February by Abbas and Sharon to stockpile weapons and extend its Qassam manufacturing capabilities to Judea and Samaria.
What? You mean if you don't chase down every last one of these Mutha Faqirs and put a stake in their hearts, then they continue spread like weeds and only come back again and again?

You mean...we can't take a Palestinian terrorist at his WORD?

Wow. Who'da thunk it?

Sounds like a real quaqmire.

[/extreme sarcasm]

Update: Yeah, what HE said:

One rebel told reporter Hannah Allam: "When the Marines stepped back in April, the foreigners grew stronger, so they persuaded their friends to come and help them hold the victory."

What have we learned from Fallujah? If nothing else, we’ve seen that evil unchallenged only grows stronger.

Sinking SadrGetting at the source. By Clinton W. Taylor
h/t to Dave at Garfield Ridge for the link