Tuesday, August 23, 2005

First it was kissing, then toilet seats....

Now apparently video games and laziness cause pregnancies, according to an article on WorldNetDaily:

Movies, TV, video games, lazy parents, lax discipline all cited as likely reasons

So, in the latest bob and weave to dodge personal responsibility, there is an attempt to round up the usual suspects:

Repository columnist Rick Senften mentions the potential suspects of movies, TV and video games, lazy parents and lax discipline.
I, uh, see. I knew that watching too much TV and playing too many video games could hurt your eyes and make you fat, but apparently, it can also make you pregnant. A clear case of cause and effect. Not.

So, as you read the article, you hear the tragic knell that there is this viscious cycle at work. Kids are having kids, and so their grades suffer or they drop out because of the responsibilities of raising a child, and so, being less educated, they are more likely to fall into the trap of early parenthood. Uh, yeah.

The extraordinarily high pregnancy rate plays into the academic troubles at Timken High as child-mothers often drop out of school or fall behind due to child-rearing duties.

So, are the pregnancies causing the lack of education, or is a lack of education causing the pregnancies?

The principal says her school will initiate a three-pronged program addressing pregnancy, prevention and parenting this year.

So, their answer to the problem of houses burning down is to build more fire stations and homeless shelters, rather than trying to figure out why the fires are getting started!

Here's a news flash for everyone in Ohio, and Timken High School specifically: HAVING UNPROTECTED SEX CAUSES BABIES.

I know this may come as a shock to one Rick Senften, but video games, laziness, and McDonald's happy meals do not cause pregnancies. Doing the horizontal bop does. Riding the wild pony. Making whoopie. Not toilet seats. Not sharing the same stick of gum. Sexual. In-ter-course.

So instead of trying to find every reason under the sun for this tragedy, (except perhaps the truth) why don't these people deal with reality? More than these kids need classes on parenting and how to have a healthy pregnancy, they need to be taught about, oh say, ABSTINENCE!

Teach these kids that sex is a sacred trust, the most intimate gift, something to be saved for after marriage. Ahhh, but then you invoke religion, 'cuz heaven KNOWS the only people that sing that particular song are the fundamentalist Christians, and so teaching abstinence and True Love Waits is a violation of the separation of church and state, and we certainly can't have THAT because it might be harmful to the children.

So much worse than, oh say, having a baby when you're 15.

Instead of teaching a 15 year old to be a better parent, why not start by teaching them to value themselves enough to say no to promiscuous sex? Spend more time trying to understand why so many kids are trying to find acceptance, validation, or just even entertainment through sex, instead of blaming it on Halo and Quake 3?

Why don't we look beyond how the parents might have failed, and instead start expecting our 16 and 17 year olds to take personal responsibility for their actions? Teach them about consequences. Don't just sigh, and come up with some more social programs to enable their poor choices.

Yes, help those who are already in the situation. But look hard, deep into those scary places you don't want to go, and answer the tough questions: Where are these kids parents? Why are THEY failing? What AREN'T we teaching these kids, that they need to know more than how the white man oppressed the Native American's and stole their land? Instead of having parenting classes for kids, why not offer parenting classes for their PARENTS? Offer tax credit for completing a parenting course. Something! Anything!

Said Redmond: "Once again, the schools can't do it all. Once again, we're being asked to."

You are right, Principal Redmond. It's not your job. But instead of spending tax dollars to fund day care at high schools, why don't we take a hard look at the way our society is failing our own children? Take a long, hard look at who and what we are letting set the moral climate of our society.

I think that it's tragically funny: you can't pray at school, but you can breast-feed your kid during study hall.

I say, don't blame the parents. Blame the ACLU.

UPDATE: The Right Place has an additional bit of trivia about Timken high school. Check it out.

h/t to Brainster for the link.