Friday, August 26, 2005

Another clear condemnation of Bush's failed policies in Iraq.

U.S. hits suspected terror base in Iraq
U.S. warplanes launched multiple airstrikes Friday against a suspected "terrorist safe house" in the western Anbar province, destroying the building where up to 50 militants were believed to be hiding, the U.S. military said.

"Iraqi citizens reported that approximately 50 terrorists were in the building at the time of the airstrike" which occurred at 4:40 p.m., the statement said.
Yep. Them Iraqis is jest riotin' in the streets, demanding the US git outta they country. No support at the local level at all. Nope. Huh uhhhh. Negatory.

HEY ALLAAAAHHHH! Order UP! Another 3,500 virgins, on the DOUBLE!!