Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Okay, so I lied.

Oh for fq's sake.

If this is true, then this individual has moved far beyond mere "grieving mother," and has settled firmly into full-time protest organizer and partisan advocate.

What's next, protesting outside DFAS in Kansas City, suggesting that all our troops shouldn't get paid for fighting an illegal war?

How about protesting military pilots on the space shuttle, since NASA is a "civilian" organization?

How about protesting outside the factories that make MREs, or desert boots? How about boycotting stores and restaraunts which give military discounts?

Someone seems to have lost sight of "support the troops, not the war."

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Just thinking out loud...

How long before some rabid Mullah declares that Hurricane Katrina is Allah's revenge for the US invading Iraq? Guesses?

And I'm waiting for the UN offer of assistance for disaster relief.

Hmmm. Waiting.

And, uh, waiting...

This just in...
Apparently there is another leaked memo, this time Karl Rove which, if the sources are correct, rather provocatively suggests that there was a wall erected between the National Weather Service and the Department of Homeland Security so that there could be no information sharing about potential threats from extremist weather.


Trackback Frenzy

Stop the ACLU is having a TrackBack Party. If you've got an blarticle you think needs some exposure, dive on it.

And bring some dip.

Spin Alert - Something to think about

Shrill chest-beaters are wailing about how "thousands" of Sunnis are boycotting the new constitutional process in Iraq.

Keep in mind that there are around 5 MILLION Sunnis in Iraq.

Do the *%#@$%'ing math. Sounds kind of like another "Million" Mom March."

The reality of it, as heard from guys on the CENTCOM staff in Iraq, is that the Sunnis realize what a blunder it was to boycott the first election, and are rather sheepishly acknowledging that the future lies in participating in the process. Peacefully.

John Kerry - No means NO!

Two Dogs is having real trouble shaking a persistent John Kerry. It's really kind of sad, in a pathetic sort of way. It's like John is chasing and chasing, begging Two Dogs to "Love ME! Please! I can change! Well, maybe not. But LOVE MEEE!!

The Mean ol' Meany responds (rather hilariously, I might add) to Kerry's latest plea for support and emotional affirmation. Check it out.

Monday, August 29, 2005

My last post about the Cindy Sheehan kerfuffle...ever. Really.

I posted this is a comment over at Carin's blog, and thought, what they hey, I need to post it for real over here.

In response to this article, and this quote:
"The U.S. and Venezuelan Camp Casey leadership must have a detente on rhetoric. That exacerbates tensions," Jackson told the AP. "We need to have a cooling down of divisive rhetoric."
I have to ask, what in the sam hill is the difference, really, between what Sheehan is saying, and what Robertson said!?
"Bush is a murdering, terrorist thug!"
"Chavez is a murdering, terrorist thug!"
I guess I'm just not Progressive enough to see the distinction.

Jesse Jackson is always chomping at the bit to negotiate with terrorists, and according to St. Sheehan, Bush the terrorist is holding this country hostage, so why don't we send Jesse down to Crawford to see if he can negotiate a peaceful resolution to this "standoff?"

And while we're on the subject, if we can extradite Robertson for Communicating A Threat, what can we do to Sheehan for Libel, Sedition, and Tax Evasion? Why don't we throw in Misdemeanor Trespassing and Creating a Public Nuisance for good measure?

You know, ultimately my beef isn't with Sheehan, it's with the double standard. Robertson is a glory seeking freak show who needs to disappear from the public scene. And if I say that about him, I'm hailed as an enlightened visionary who speaks the truth to power.

Yet, if I say the same thing about Sheehan, I'm labeled a cruel, insensitive asshole who wants to censure her right to free speech.

Guess I just can't quite get my brain around that is all.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Quote for the Day

"I'm always nervous when liberals start taking about freedom of speech, because it inevitably means that I'm about to lose mine."
Steve Berven

Now THAT'S Training!

Petty Officer 3rd Class Brian A. Neilsen back crawls through a pit covered in concertina wire at the Jungle Warfare Training Center's endurance course Aug. 17.

Shameless bit of self promotion

I've begun to consider the remote, yet tantalizing possibility that I might be taking myself just a tad too seriously.

In that respect, I want to post a link to my OTHER website, the one where all the rabid politic savaging takes a back seat to sheer buffoonery. Creative writing and other random strangeness. Wierd photos, silly links, funny comic strips. You know, all the stuff that normal bloggers do. Thusly, do I introduce:

Since I don't own a cat, I can't promise any cutesy cat pictures, but I'll do my best to look and sound like a 15 year old high school girl's blog. Even if I have to make up some stuff about that cute guy in my Health class who is simply to DIE for!

In that vein, I would like to start with this weeks installment of, "Gee, I Wish I looked Like This Guy," or otherwise know as, "Guys I'd Probably Like To Do If I Were Gay, Which I'm Not."

This just in...

Apparentl,y the Olsen Twins are coming out with a line of furniture.

Who knew they were so handy with tools...?

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Why Do They Do It?

For some strange reason, even in the face of the casualties, in the face of the IEDs and hospital beds filled with the maimed and forever changed, young men and women keep signing up to do their part in the War on Terror. Young patriots, despite all the negative press, keep enlisting. Many are even RE-enlisting after their first tour is up. This begs the question…WHY?

Why do they go? More importantly, why do they choose to go BACK? What makes a man or woman face the dangers of a combat zone, and walk safely away, only to reenlist, knowing they’ll probably have to go back?

You want to go back because you know that you will be one more experienced gun watching your buddies’ backs, rather than trusting that burden to some FNG who’s never fired at a target that wasn’t made of paper. You do it because you love your buddies enough to put yourself on the line to do what you can to make sure that THEY come home alive at the end of the day.

It’s not an easy life. You cram 13 guys into the back of something only slightly larger than the station wagon you crammed six of your high-school buddies into to go to that concert, only now, you’re wearing 45 pounds of extra gear and all carrying weapons. You get to know the men and women around you…sometimes better than you’d like. But you find ways to get along. More than that, you find yourself making friends with people you’d never get to meet back home.

If you’re a Tanker, you live, eat, and sleep with three other guys in a space smaller than most peoples’ walk-in closet. You trade your beef with macaroni MRE main course for their Maple Nut Cake dessert (‘cuz you KNOW how that chili-mac just tears him UP), and play poker for the extra coffee packets.

The so-called “mystery” about why soldiers and Marines re-enlist to fight “Bush’s War” is no mystery at all; because they aren’t fighting Bush’s War. They are fighting for each other, for their buddies. They fight because they see the same innocent joy in the face of an Iraqi child that they see in the eyes of their cousins, nieces, and daughters back home -- and they experience every day the evil that seeks to take that joy away. And so they fight. They fight, and defend, and protect, because it is what they are sworn and honor-bound to do.

They are doing something millions of the protected will never experience. They are sharing in the kind of camaraderie and brotherhood that can’t be accurately be described; only experienced. Their harshest words are reserved -- not for the enemy -- but for the Lieutenant who cowers in his vehicle while the Privates and Sergeants clear the building.

The anti-war, anti-military Left wants to dismiss this blood-bond as “brainwashing” or the hoodwinking of the innocent by jingoistic recruiters. They can’t understand what they don’t know, and yet they feel free to denigrate and criticize it.

A soldier, a Marine, a sailor, and airman that lays his life down so that others might live, doesn’t feel that his or her sacrifices are “for nothing,” because he doesn’t do it for oil, she doesn’t do it for Haliburton, or the Republicans; he doesn’t do it for the Democrats, the Yankees, or the Red Sox.

They fight and (yes, all too often) die for -- each other; for the cause of freedom, and in some vague yet very real way, for the hope that their lives, by rising to this challenge, might take on a quality, depth, and character achievable in few other ways.

Wars are never desirable, but they are sometimes necessary. Wars are never pretty, presentable, or suitable for polite dinner conversation. They are mean, ugly, brutal, and bloody; but they must be fought -- and they must be fought by individuals who are not afraid to get mean, ugly, dirty, and bloody to secure that victory.

Sometimes, victory is just bringing everybody home in one piece that day; and sometimes, achieving victory requires something different…something more.

And yet, it’s still victory.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Another clear condemnation of Bush's failed policies in Iraq.

U.S. hits suspected terror base in Iraq
U.S. warplanes launched multiple airstrikes Friday against a suspected "terrorist safe house" in the western Anbar province, destroying the building where up to 50 militants were believed to be hiding, the U.S. military said.

"Iraqi citizens reported that approximately 50 terrorists were in the building at the time of the airstrike" which occurred at 4:40 p.m., the statement said.
Yep. Them Iraqis is jest riotin' in the streets, demanding the US git outta they country. No support at the local level at all. Nope. Huh uhhhh. Negatory.

HEY ALLAAAAHHHH! Order UP! Another 3,500 virgins, on the DOUBLE!!

Spitooning the rubicon(?)

Jeff over at Protein Wisdom has a good fisk of the Attorney General in Tennessee trying to mandate or limit the creative content of a musician to conform with the new, anti-tobacco laws.
This impulse to regulate art under the false premise that simple exposure to certain ideas will somehow necessitate their adoption (this is not, after all, the same as having your Imam preaching to you about the righteousness of blowing up schoolbuses, then putting you in contact with those who can supply you with the materials) needs to be fought at every turn. And the best way to do so is to stop bad law based on such tendentious premises from being enacted in the first place.


Glass Gave Venetian Paintings Their Glow

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Cluebat of the Painfully Obvious

In the business, we call this a, "carefully orchestrated photo opportunity."

Update:The beatification of St. Cindy...

Cindy Sheehan kneels before a cross with her son's name on it, touches his picture, wipes her tears. It's an outpouring of emotion that is part of a scheduled news event organized daily for the television, radio and print reporters who crowd in to capture a mother's grief.
PR Machine Behind Cindy Sheehan?

Another Update:
The BradShow has MP3 audio of a Mother Sheehan interview. She's clearly hurting from her loss, talking about cute things Casey did when he was two years old, but sadly, a good chunk of the rest is filled with insightful, well-considered comments like this:

"It's not gonna stop until mothers say, "No. No, I'm not giving my son to you can kill him to line your pockets."
Ya know, Cindy, I'm thinking the military doesn't actually WANT a bunch of momma's boys who only do what their mommies will let them do. And I'm thinking we don't want soldiers defending our country who will come running home as soon as mommy says it's past their bedtime.

Your son was a MAN, who made his own decisions, and served his country like a MAN. I'm sorry you lost your son. But JEEZ woman, give it a rest.

Michael Yon - Must Read

Being a jarhead, I tend to give my Army brothers a lot a guff, because, well, they're the Army. And also, it's easy sometimes to think that the Marines are getting all the "tough" jobs, because you always seem to hear more about their casualties and actions. Dunno why.

But reading this Excerpt from Michael yon about Deuce-Four, I can only say, well, DAMN boys. Get some! It almost looks like the Army is holding up its end.

And, of course, Michael does a great job of stating an immutable truth too often lost on the panty-waisted liberal capitulationist contingent:
Iraqi Army and Police officers see many Americans as too soft, especially when it comes to dealing with terrorists. The Iraqis who seethe over the shooting of Kurilla know that the cunning fury of Jihadists is congenite. Three months of air-conditioned reflection will not transform terrorists into citizens.
Welcome to the blogroll, Mike. Preach on, brutha.

The Other Side Of The Cindy Sheehan Coin

Payback's a bitch, ain't it?!

I LOVE IT. I absolutely table-pounding, ROTFLMAO LOVE it!!

Judge Souter to lose land to eminent domain?
Californian Logan Darrow Clements of Freestar Media LLC filed papers Monday that he hopes will eventually permit him to take Souter's home in Weare, N.H., through eminent domain.

Clements said that, if he has his way, Souter's property will eventually be the home of The Lost Liberty Hotel.

The effort follows a Monday decision by the Supreme Court that ruled 5-4 that federal law does not prevent local governments from using eminent domain to take property from one private owner and give it to another, provided the action is intended for the public good.

Souter joined in the majority opinion. Clements said his decision to pursue Souter's property was an easy one.

"First of all, I knew his address," Clements said.
What's good for the goose, is good for the gander, eh? Sounds like Souter is about to get royally goosed!! HAH!

(thanks to RightWingSparkle for the link)

From the, "Well No Shit, Sherlock" Department

Terror rockets fly from Gaza
Qassam hits Negev city of Sderot while Israel preps final withdrawal

Is this really any surprise to anyone?

Today's rocket attack coincides with a recent Hamas announcement the terror group will begin the next phase of its war to destroy the Jewish state by launching Qassam rockets further inside Israel instead of focusing on suicide bombings.
Hmm. You mean that that Hamas wasn't placated by Israel's capitulation? You mean they were only heartened and emboldened by this victorious validation of their methods?

Israeli security sources say Hamas has been using time gained from a cease-fire agreement signed in February by Abbas and Sharon to stockpile weapons and extend its Qassam manufacturing capabilities to Judea and Samaria.
What? You mean if you don't chase down every last one of these Mutha Faqirs and put a stake in their hearts, then they continue spread like weeds and only come back again and again?

You mean...we can't take a Palestinian terrorist at his WORD?

Wow. Who'da thunk it?

Sounds like a real quaqmire.

[/extreme sarcasm]

Update: Yeah, what HE said:

One rebel told reporter Hannah Allam: "When the Marines stepped back in April, the foreigners grew stronger, so they persuaded their friends to come and help them hold the victory."

What have we learned from Fallujah? If nothing else, we’ve seen that evil unchallenged only grows stronger.

Sinking SadrGetting at the source. By Clinton W. Taylor
h/t to Dave at Garfield Ridge for the link

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

China's New Tank



Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Random thought for the Day = Scorched Earth in Gaza

I, for one, would like to suggest that as Israel pulls out of Gaza, that the last people in line are the ones driving the bulldozers and backhoes.

I hope they flatten every last house, store, apartment complex and park. Dig up every inch of road, pipe, sewer, and power line. Backfill the pools and irrigation canals. Take every last scrap that isn't bolted down or buried back to Israeli turf. Return the entire area to its original, "pristine" condition.

If the Palestinians want a homeland, then let them build it from the ground up like the Israelis, by the sweat of their collective brows and callused hands. Don't let them move into the fruit of Israel's labor like squatters and hobos in train cars.


California court: Child can have 2 moms

At first this bothered me, but the more I thought about it, I actually think it's a great ruling.
In Elisa B. v. Superior Court., the court held that a lesbian who had agreed to raise the children born to her partner, but then split up with her partner, was required to pay child support for the children as a parent. In K.M. v. E.G., the court held that the existence of a written waiver of rights was no bar to a lesbian woman who had donated ova to her partner to assist in an in vitro fertilization from asserting rights as a parent.
Ya know, the American Family Association is all up in arms about this being another erosion of the "traditional" family, but in a way, it actually back strong families.
"A woman who supplies ova to be used to impregnate her lesbian partner, with the understanding that the resulting child will be raised in their joint home, cannot waive her responsibility to support that child,"
The judge said, in effect, "Hey, you want to be parents, then BE PARENTS!" The ruling is actually a crimp in the lifestyle of serial relationships which typifies so much of the homosexual community. If you want to conceive a child and give birth, just like a hetro couple, then (oh shocking horror and amazement) you've got to take repsonsibility for the offspring, jest like us regleeur folks duz. Parenthood is a package deal.

I'm not saying I defend same sex marriage or same sex parents, but I have to applaud the chutzpah of the judge for holding their feet to the fire. Huzzah!
Update: Dave at Garfield Ridge weighs in with his well-intentioned, but ultimately misguided disagreement with my postion. Noble effort, yes, yet tragic nonetheless.

First it was kissing, then toilet seats....

Now apparently video games and laziness cause pregnancies, according to an article on WorldNetDaily:

Movies, TV, video games, lazy parents, lax discipline all cited as likely reasons

So, in the latest bob and weave to dodge personal responsibility, there is an attempt to round up the usual suspects:

Repository columnist Rick Senften mentions the potential suspects of movies, TV and video games, lazy parents and lax discipline.
I, uh, see. I knew that watching too much TV and playing too many video games could hurt your eyes and make you fat, but apparently, it can also make you pregnant. A clear case of cause and effect. Not.

So, as you read the article, you hear the tragic knell that there is this viscious cycle at work. Kids are having kids, and so their grades suffer or they drop out because of the responsibilities of raising a child, and so, being less educated, they are more likely to fall into the trap of early parenthood. Uh, yeah.

The extraordinarily high pregnancy rate plays into the academic troubles at Timken High as child-mothers often drop out of school or fall behind due to child-rearing duties.

So, are the pregnancies causing the lack of education, or is a lack of education causing the pregnancies?

The principal says her school will initiate a three-pronged program addressing pregnancy, prevention and parenting this year.

So, their answer to the problem of houses burning down is to build more fire stations and homeless shelters, rather than trying to figure out why the fires are getting started!

Here's a news flash for everyone in Ohio, and Timken High School specifically: HAVING UNPROTECTED SEX CAUSES BABIES.

I know this may come as a shock to one Rick Senften, but video games, laziness, and McDonald's happy meals do not cause pregnancies. Doing the horizontal bop does. Riding the wild pony. Making whoopie. Not toilet seats. Not sharing the same stick of gum. Sexual. In-ter-course.

So instead of trying to find every reason under the sun for this tragedy, (except perhaps the truth) why don't these people deal with reality? More than these kids need classes on parenting and how to have a healthy pregnancy, they need to be taught about, oh say, ABSTINENCE!

Teach these kids that sex is a sacred trust, the most intimate gift, something to be saved for after marriage. Ahhh, but then you invoke religion, 'cuz heaven KNOWS the only people that sing that particular song are the fundamentalist Christians, and so teaching abstinence and True Love Waits is a violation of the separation of church and state, and we certainly can't have THAT because it might be harmful to the children.

So much worse than, oh say, having a baby when you're 15.

Instead of teaching a 15 year old to be a better parent, why not start by teaching them to value themselves enough to say no to promiscuous sex? Spend more time trying to understand why so many kids are trying to find acceptance, validation, or just even entertainment through sex, instead of blaming it on Halo and Quake 3?

Why don't we look beyond how the parents might have failed, and instead start expecting our 16 and 17 year olds to take personal responsibility for their actions? Teach them about consequences. Don't just sigh, and come up with some more social programs to enable their poor choices.

Yes, help those who are already in the situation. But look hard, deep into those scary places you don't want to go, and answer the tough questions: Where are these kids parents? Why are THEY failing? What AREN'T we teaching these kids, that they need to know more than how the white man oppressed the Native American's and stole their land? Instead of having parenting classes for kids, why not offer parenting classes for their PARENTS? Offer tax credit for completing a parenting course. Something! Anything!

Said Redmond: "Once again, the schools can't do it all. Once again, we're being asked to."

You are right, Principal Redmond. It's not your job. But instead of spending tax dollars to fund day care at high schools, why don't we take a hard look at the way our society is failing our own children? Take a long, hard look at who and what we are letting set the moral climate of our society.

I think that it's tragically funny: you can't pray at school, but you can breast-feed your kid during study hall.

I say, don't blame the parents. Blame the ACLU.

UPDATE: The Right Place has an additional bit of trivia about Timken high school. Check it out.

h/t to Brainster for the link.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Welcome aboard!

A new addition to mah blogroll:

"Strange Women Lying in Ponds"

No particular reason, other than I love the name, and like his(?) posts/comments. Check it out.

Shout out to Blog Idaho

Why? Because he's from Idaho.

Sure, maybe there's insightful social commentary. Perhaps there's meaningful dialogue and the robust exchange of ideas. But you know what's the most important? He's from IDAHO.

I moved to Idaho about 9 years ago. Fell madly in love. I've been away for a while now, but my heart is forever lost to Coeur d'Alene and Post Falls. I'll move back there one day, oh, you know I will.

So here's to BlogIdaho. Support your local gun-toting Idaho patriot. Click on over.

An Intimate, personal glance into my private places...

Now I know, or at least suspect, that there are those of you out there who, as you lean back in your frayed and worn easy chair, slurping back the third of maybe five glasses of MadDog 20-20, stumbling around the internet at 2:30 in the morning with only a crumb-filled keyboard and an archaic mouse without a scroll wheel to keep the dark monster of loneliness at bay, wonder to yourselves in the quaint yet amusing way you have of scratching your two-day growth of stubble and looking slightly bemused, now just who IS this Partisan Pundit guy?

Well, let me tell you. Here are a few of the things that fill my troubled, angst-filled hours of staring at the ceiling spackle as dawn paints its subtle yet portenteous calling card across the ever-lightening sky:
  • Someday, I hope to have MY blog mentioned ever-so-casually in a Day-by-Day comic strip.
  • Someday, I hope to have a pithy, methaphysical, and slightly off-kilter IM conversation with Jeff Goldstein.
  • I hope to someday have someone ask me to guest-blog while they attend some high-falootin' conference of "influential" bloggers.
  • Someday I hope to be considered an "influential" blogger.
  • Someday I hope to ask someone to guest-blog for me while I attend a high-falootin' conference of "influential" bloggers.
  • I'd like to someday be able to get into some vitriolic email flame-war with some closet feminist blogger that will drive both our traffic up considerably as people flock to see what sort of vile, irrational, flailing histrionics we've hurled at each other THIS time.
  • Once, just ONCE, I'd like to get an Instalanche.
  • I love to be on RightWingSparkle's Blogroll. Even if it's just for a little while. Really.
  • Being the Minister of Defence (isn't it cute how Canadians spell that all wrong and stuff. It should be "Defense" you wacky canucks!) at Mitchieville is all fine and good, but someday I'd like to be appointed Evil Maniacal Despotic Oppressive Jackbooted Thug For Life. With my own parking space. And a company car (one of the nice ones, you know, with power windows, cd-changer and cruise control. Not those import pieces of shit you give the interns down at the Marketing deparment.)
  • I dream of the day when Joseph Farah will call, and invite me to be a staff editorialist.
  • I long for the day when I will be misquoted in any major newspaper or talk-radio show.

So basically, I am a desperate, clingy, needy journalist wannabe with delusions of grandeur... this is news to anybody.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

More Lazy Blogging

That Old Feeling Again
By Patrick Hynes

Hynes lambasts his "fellow" liberals. Good readin'.
Soon that old feeling, which by now has almost become a state of being, I suppose, will overcome you and once again you will recognize the absurdity behind the wailing and shrieking of your liberal cohorts. Though you will never admit it publicly, you will silently conclude that Cindy Sheehan, the grieving mom turned President-Bush-stalking-war-protester, is either a crackpot or a sideshow or perhaps both. Many of you have undoubtedly concluded this to yourselves already.
Shamelessly hijacked from AnklebitingPundits

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Kinda funny...

Not that I, you know, notice those chicks on the blog ads, or anything, but if I DID notice, I'd think it was pretty darn funny the different, uh, demographics of the ads on liberal vs conservative blogs. Fer Example:




Somewhat humbling....

I just found out that I am a "Flippery Fish" in the TLB Ecosystem.

Which wouldn't be so bad, I guess, except that I rate below the "Opinionated Lesbian" and "Greg's Porn Blog."

I guess I shouldn't quit the day job yet....

Scabbing content is just sooo much easier...

A great article on (shockingly) the autonomy of the human spirit, and following your own personal calling despite what mom says or thinks.

Son of Liberty
A son’s calling and a mother’s heartache.
by Anne Morse at National Review

(Shamelessly stolen from Carin at "Is this blog on?")

Favorite snippet:
But if mothers really could pick their children's careers, what kind of a world would we have? We would wake up one morning to discover that we had no more soldiers, policemen or firemen, no freedom fighters, no prison guards or life guards. We would find ourselves in a world in which the strong preyed upon the weak, a world in which millions would be abandoned to the tender mercies of death squads and serial killers, to those who rape and torture, exploit and enslave. What a terrible world it would be.
Check out the whole thing.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

The Battle for Mosul: Reality Check

Blogger Michael Yon, an independent correspondent in Iraq, does a great job of running down the factions and fictions over there. Here's a teaser:

A fanatic who straps a bomb to his chest and walks into a market crowded with women and children, then detonates a bomb that is sometimes laced with rat poison to hamper blood coagulation, is properly called a "mass murderer."...

Calling murderers “martyrs” is like calling a man "customer" because he stood in line before gunning down a store clerk.

Read the whole thing.

Just a thought...

I am a United States Marine.

When I heard about the 14 Marines killed by a IED recently, I was grief stricken and angry. I was an Infantry officer for 4 years. Grunts are my unspoken brothers, on top of the strong bond we share as fellow Marines.

In my grief and genuine heartache over their sudden and untimely deaths, do I not also have a clear and unassailable moral mandate to speak about the war in Iraq? Does my viewpoint then not also carry very nearly the same emotional, political and personal weight as Cindy Sheehan?

I've read on many blogs that those critical of Sheehan should understand her grief, shut up, and leave her alone.

Tell ya what. I'll shut up just as soon as she does. Fair enough?

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Cindy Sheehan - A "limited purpose public figure". Deal with it.

In mass media law, there are a set of legal distinctions regarding public figures, i.e.- those people who by intent or circumstance are thrust into the public spotlight. "General Purpose" public figures, about whom just about anything may be said, implied, or inferred, as long as no actual malice is present, are those individuals who, by their chosen occupation or avocation, effectively live in the spotlight 24/7. Movie stars, politicians, etc..

An archived CNN Online article has this to say about public figures:
In Gertz v. Robert Welch, Inc., the Supreme Court stated that "those who by reason of the notoriety of their achievements or the vigor and success with which they seek the public's attention" are classified as public figures under the First Amendment.

Then there are "limited purpose" public figures, those who "have thrust themselves to the forefront of particular public controversies in order to influence the resolution of the issues involved." By voluntarily propelling themselves into such controversies, the limited purpose public figures invite attention and comment.

Ref: FindLaw Forum: Are the Bush twins 'public figures'?

Under the definitions of Mass Media Law, Ms. Cindy Sheehan, in making herself the spokesperson for any number of anti-war causes, has clearly established herself as a limited-purpose public figure. She voluntary thrust herself into the spotlight, and not just temporarily. She continues to use her temporary fame as a bully pulpit and activist soap box. Thus she has, by implication, invited scrutiny. Any half-way competent journalist would want to give a proper context to Sheehan's shrill tongue-wagging by examing her past history, other activism, statements, etc..

There is much shrill back-and-froth, er, forth about Michelle Malkin "mentioning" the fact that Sheehan's husband had filed for divorce. Malkin's fairly innocuous comments are being lambasted as meanspirited, intrusive, and muckraking. If you read her post, the comments are actually milquetoast at best, and made almost in passing. Hard akin to the often vicious savaging she is receiving as a result.

Cindy Sheehan was not libeled by Malkin. The essential facts of the story are true. Morever, by insisting on maintaining her moment in the sun for as long as possible, Sheehan has, by law and convention, made the pending divorce fair game. Not only that, the divorce filing, like a marriage certificate, is a matter of public record.

It is newsworthy? Used in the context of showing that Sheehan, by her actions, is alienating not only a broad swath of Americans, but her own family as well...yes. By all implications, this divorce filing occured as a direct result of C. Sheehan's activism. And since her actions are still at the forefront of media attention, the reactions/fallout (both personal AND political) are thus also newsworthy.

So for those who feel they need to spew vile epithets at Malkin, or anyone else who dares poke into the sacrosanct Mother Sheehan's background, here's a thought...

Give it a rest. It's news, boys and girls.

h/t to Patterico

Yeah, what HE said!

Very elegant and well-stated comments by Slublog on the whole Cindy Sheehan kerfuffle.

The Moral Authority of Grief
What bothers me the most about the elevation of grief in general, and specifically in the case of Cindy Sheehan, is the idea that a person who has suffered a loss and uses that loss to advocate for a particular position is immune to criticism of the ideas they communicate from behind the shield of their departed relative.
Read the whole thing.

~> Also, Another good lambasting by Jeff Goldstein over at Protein Wisdom:

Don't tell me I don't give a damn / next stop is Vietnam
In other words, “How dare you! Cindy lost her son!” has, in short order, become the new “RACIST” or “HOMOPHOBE” of progressive poltico speak— loaded signifier whose power rests in its refusal to allow for any but a single signification, a way for leftwing ideologues to strangle debate in the crib and to prevent any discussion on the practical affects of Sheehan’s carefully-orchestrated and increasingly-well funded anti-war media blitz by turning those very questions into an indictment of the questioner.
In short: any but a particular politically-sanctioned use of Cindy Sheehan’s narrative has become, in effect, hate speech.

Breaking News! Something Good Actually Happened in Iraq!

Iraqis Help Soldiers Find Bombs; Stolen Child Recovered

The real truth is that this kind of "good stuff" happens every day, hundreds of times.Every time a Navy Corpsman treats a local kid for an infected cut or immunizes a whole village against malaria.

You hear all about the homes that were destroyed during "the war." Ever hear about how many homes we've rebuilt? How many modern apartment buildings are currently under construction, providing not only new homes, but jobs?

It just bugs me how excited people get when they hear a snippet of good news. It shouldn't be so exceptional, but it is. Grrrr.

Thanks to Rightwingsparkle for the link.

Ok, so I lied...

I didn't post my deeply insightful and thought-provoking synopsis of the Iraq war. Sue me.

And just who are YOU to sit in judgement of ME? HUH?! Who decided I had to live my life according to YOUR almighty time clock? What, are we MARRIED?

If you'd get down off your high horse for just one 'effin minute, you might (and I DO emphasize the word "might") just gain a little humanity, a little compassion, a litte understanding.

I mean, after all, it isn't every day that the PeeWee Herman Movie Marathon is on.

So next time, try walking a mile in my shoes before you judge. Hater.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

But first...A delightful editorial evisceration.

Just had to post this link to a delightful editorial evisceration of the many lies and fallacies surrounding Embryonic Stemcell Research, courtesy of Mean ol' Meany. While I, too, believe that ESR is indefensible and akin to arcane Hitlerian medical experiments on POWs and Jews, the real joy came from sailing through the delightfully scathing and poignant lambasting of radical left stupiditity.

Reading it is like letting a fresh, warm Krispy Kreme donut melt across your tongue as you savor the fresh morning breeze and a hot cup of joe. Highly recommended.


While, yes, it may have appeared at first glance that this blog was dead, dead, DEAD, appearances can be deceiving.

I apologize for being "gone" for so long, but the Women's Pro Beach Volleyball Championships were running 24/7 on the Sports Network, and, well, I just found it a little difficult to tear myself away.

But now they are back to running replays of the 1982 Snooker Table tournament, and I must admit to finding this a little less entrancing.

An ambitious and insightful post on the real, inside scoop on the war in Iraq by yours truly will follow soon. Hopefully later today, time willing.