Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Hangin's too good fer the varmint....

Why I believe in the Death Penalty

Sex Offender Charged in Idaho Abduction

I live in Spokane now, used to live in Coeur d'Alene, ID, so this one hits close to home. This waste of human flesh is an animal. A feral animal. A voracious, carnivorous killer with no sense of remorse or moral restraint.

My first tendency is to say, "'Nuf said," with the clear and pervasive thought in my head that the story of this murderous pedophilic animal is more than enough defense of the death penalty. But then, I figured, why not? It's my blog, I can ramble and rant if I wanna, right?
Duncan, who was raised in Tacoma, Wash., had spent more than a decade in prison for sexually assaulting a 14-year-old boy at gunpoint and was a fugitive at the time of his arrest, accused of molesting a 6-year-old boy in Minnesota. Wayman on Tuesday ordered him held on $2 million bail on the fugitive charge.
People like this do not "get better." They do not rehabilitate, they do not attend 12-step programs. They re-offend again, and again. Prison is no deterent. It is an incovenience, in that it takes them away from a ready pool of victims...temporarily.

Police tie Duncan to killings

It is part of the social contract, an essential element of an inderdependent communal society based around laws, that the whole must be protected from the depredations of violent criminals. Those few who prove to be inherently unredeemable must be removed from the society. Life imprisonment only continues the burden this individual places on society, by forcing it to pay for his health and welfare for the rest of his life. Nor does it adequately address the issue of justice.

This man would appear to have beaten to death several members of a family, abducted two children, killed one, and continually molested and raped another for over a month. His writings and "blog" give his justification for such actions as the shame he suffered by the way society treats sexual predators. Yeah, that's right, it's (once again) society's fault that he's a sicko murdering bastard.

This guy is a rabid dog that needs to be put down. He's the feral grizzly in the campground, the wolf in the sheep's pen. You don't just put him in a cage and then release him somewhere else. That just gives him fresh victims.

You kill him, and you kill him fast.

'Nuf said.