Wednesday, June 15, 2005

A Touch Of Perspective

Stolen from Memento Moron

I find it interesting that the techniques used to "torture" Gitmo internees would be considered a decent house party in most suburban neighborhoods.

And won't mom be PISSED about the beer stains on the carpet. Hey! Who peed on my dad's copy of the Koran? Ahh maaan, not in the POOL!! Hey! Put that down!! Dude, the cops are at the door. They say you got to knock off the loud music and tell the chicks to put their clothes back on. (please note in the aforementioned link, that the Red Cross most sternly suggests that "some interrogation tactics come close to torture". As in close to, but not quite. Moving on...)

Oh. The. Inhumanity.

Now whyizzit that Sheriff Joe Arpaio can treat OUR prisoners like THIS, and be lauded for finally taking a tough stand against crime, but we have to coddle murderous, sworn enemies of the Republic for fear of offending their cultural sensitivities? I'm for saying that we send old Joe down around Gitmo way to tighten things up a bit. I have to admit to a certain sadistic gleefulness at the thought of a bunch of muslim tough guys wearing pink underwear.