Saturday, May 07, 2005

Who ARE these people?

"Abortion bracelet sold as Mother's Day gift
NOW present reminiscent of 'Choice on Earth' Christmas cards "

From the fine folks who brought you the, "I Had An Abortion T-Shirt."

Coming soon, the guaranteed to be a classic, "I Euthanized My Grandmother" baseball cap, in four fun and sylish colors!

Go ahead, just TELL me how this is a thoughtful and tasteful gift for Mother's Day. What do you write on the card?
"Mom, I'm glad you didn't abort me, but I'm also glad you could've if you'd wanted to."

Maybe that makes counts as a "loving sentiment" to somebody, but me ain't one of 'em.

Folks, if we insist on having abortion "safe, legal, and rare," lets at least make it the last, desperate, most horribly gut-wrenching choice on a looooong list of others. Let's not celebrate it as some sort of pyhrric victory for womens' rights, or a statement of personal liberation akin to POWs staggering through the newly liberated gates of Auschwitz for their first breath of air untainted by the stink of the ovens. I would suggest that it is just exactly the opposite.

I know there are no easy answers when it comes to abortion, but let us at least honest enough with ourselves to not make the answer easy.