Saturday, May 21, 2005

Egg on Face? (Mine, that is...)

Apparently, the whole "Prinicipal who wouldn't let kids read the Bible at recess" thing may, and I repeat, MAY have been all a bunch of hullabalooie.

ADF Allegation is untrue

I suppose it is possible, and I repeat, only POSSIBLE that I may, I repeat, MAY have, well, you know, jumped the gun with my artbitrary and random scoffing and disdain.

Of course, who you going to believe? Clearly this Principal has An Agenda. She sounds like a real harpy. Probably a serial child abuser. Bet she does drugs, too. And porn. Heavily into sicko snuff porn. Cathy Summa, Anti-Christ.

(Can you tell I reeealllly hate admitting when I'm wrong?)

(Thanks to kel for the link.)